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YII: Bentley Systems Advances iTwin Platform—New Cloud Products

iTwin to empower Bentley Infrastructure Cloud and advanced engineering applications for the infrastructure industry.


At this year’s 2022 Year in Infrastructure Conference, Bentley Systems, Inc., the infrastructure engineering software company, announced several new products and capabilities around its iTwin Platform.

The new products and abilities make big strides in extending the scope and interoperability of infrastructure data that engineering firms and owner-operators can use to create and leverage digital twins in design, construction, and operations workflows.

Bentley Infrastructure Cloud

The new iTwin Platform capabilities power the Bentley Infrastructure Cloud and comprise a set of branded solutions familiar to most Bentley customers and the larger AEC/O industry. These solutions span the end-to-end infrastructure lifecycle and value chain, encompassing ProjectWise, AssetWise, and SYNCHRO, and are made unified and interoperable by Bentley’s infrastructure schemas.

iTwin Experiences

iTwin Experiences is a new cloud product designed to gain insights into critical infrastructure by visualizing and navigating digital twins. This will benefit all infrastructure stakeholders, from operators, owners, and engineering constituents.

Bentley iTwin Experience.

An image showing Bentley iTwin Experience reviewing data on highway bridge structure.

iTwins Experiences helps accelerate engineering firms and their “digital integrator” initiatives to create and curate asset-specific digital twins, embedding and leveraging proprietary machine learning (ML), analytics, and asset performance algorithms.

iTwin Experiences acts like a “single pane of glass” that overlays engineering technology (ET), operations technology (OT), and information technology (IT) to help users to visualize queries and analyze infrastructure digital twins in their full context and at any level of granularity, scale, all fully geo-coordinated and searchable.

Other iTwin Products

iTwin Capture and iTwin IoT are two additional iTwin family products.

iTwin Capture is used to capture, analyze and share reality data—data captured from photographic imagery, laser scanners, and mobile mapping devices of existing built assets in the physical environment. This data is used to create engineering-ready, high-resolution 3D models of infrastructure assets.

Bentley iTwin Capture

An image of iTwin Capture in action.

Infrastructure digital twins can begin with such reality-captured data rather than requiring BIM models of existing assets. iTwin Capture offers the highest-fidelity and most versatile means of capturing reality to serve as the digital context for surveying, design, monitoring, and inspection functions.

iTwin IoT is used for acquiring and analyzing sensor data and seamlessly incorporates Internet of Things (IoT) data.

Infrastructure IoT can be used effectively for real-time safety and risk monitoring in operations and construction activities, including measuring and visualizing environmental changes, structural movement, or deterioration for condition assessment, maintenance schedules, and to prompt precautionary interventions. By securely incorporating real-time data at scale from among hundreds of sensor types, iTwin IoT increases the value of engineering and geotechnical data.

Year In Infrastructure Awards and iTwins

In the 2022 Going Digital Awards, the proportion of finalists crediting iTwins technology reached 42 percent this year. Bentley presented a broadening of its strategic advantages for iTwin.

Bentley iTwin IoT.

An image of iTwin IoT in action on transportation infrastructure.

Keith Bentley said, “It is clear to me that infrastructure digital twins are the future of our industry and our company. Our digital twin journey began four years ago with a series of open-source projects to create cloud-native tools called iTwin.js. It has evolved into the iTwin Experience, which is the workhorse for digital twin solutions from Bentley and others.

I’m very proud of the tremendous progress our users, and we have made using the iTwin Platform, as evidenced in the current YII submissions. Phase 2 of our journey involves improving our existing desktop products using the same iTwin engine. Users of our MicroStation and engineering design and analysis applications will next gain new features that can make their projects more efficient, more connected, and the results more valuable. We can do that by augmenting, not replacing, their existing tools, workflows, file formats, and deliverables. The iTwin engine will run on the same desktop ‘in process’ with the design applications, synchronizing a local iModel and connecting to cloud services when and as necessary.”


iTwin Experience is in early access; iTwin Capture and iTwin IoT are available now. iTwin Experience incorporates capabilities from OpenCities Planner. iTwin Capture incorporates capabilities from ContextCapture and Orbit 3DM. iTwin IoT incorporates capabilities from the sensemetrics platform and Vista Data Vision. To find out more, visit 


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