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Bentley Systems Advances SYNCHRO 4D/5D BIM Solution

Bentley SYNCHRO software expansion adds advancements in 4D and 5D models and cost and performance management improvements.


Bentley Systems this month announced advancements to its popular SYNCHRO construction management BIM solution. The new advancements and portfolio expansion enable construction firms to transform how they plan, manage, and execute projects.


SYNCHRO 4D now offers advanced 4D and 5D model authoring with leading-edge model-splitting tools to create constructible components, assignment of construction attributes to the model, mixed reality modeling, construction geometry placement, and web and mobile access for team collaboration. Additionally, these new capabilities boost status updates and progress reporting in the field as well.

The newly added enhancements include the addition of SYNCHRO Cost and SYNCHRO Perform applications.

Bentley SYNCHRO 4D

Virtual construction, planning, and model-based workflows from the field to the office. SYNCHRO supports the entire heavy civil construction project lifecycle with real-time insight into the performance, productivity, and financial health of AEC projects.

Bentley’s 4D/5D construction software helps The Lane Construction Corporation have access to all our project-level data. Our field and corporate managers, along with the executives who lead them, now have timely access to critical business information through SYNCHRO,” said Andy Kaiyala, former vice president of bid development, The Lane Construction Corporation. “It is access to this information that helps improve forward-looking decision-making. Our industry has been far too reliant on backward-looking reports and analysis. It is time to start looking ahead and planning for success. SYNCHRO helps us make a plan that we can rely on.”


SYNCHRO Cost helps construction teams control costs and stay on budget with detailed financial tracking and change order management. This minimizes financial risks and maximizes project profits.

It works with SYNCHRO 4D’s model-based quantity take-off, which includes model splitting to generate constructible components complete with work breakdown structure and cost codes so that estimators can quickly and accurately generate estimates. Moreover, SYNCHRO Cost can control contract changes and simplify payment applications, tracking line items and percentages complete against a schedule of values.

Bentley SYNCHRO 4D

SYNCHRO helps construction firms manage construction contracts, budgets, and change orders.

SYNCHRO Cost leverages the performance data in SYNCHRO Perform so project teams can manage and leverage field performance data to gain an accurate picture of actual costs from the field to compare to planned costs and schedule, delivering a complete view of the project’s performance. These digital workflows better connect the office and job site with real-time information. Supplementing contracts and change orders with evidentiary documents and images can prove invaluable in avoiding contract disputes.


SYNCHRO Perform enables construction performance management, including the ability to capture daily progress quantities, diaries, unplanned events, timesheets, tickets, and estimated field costs to provide the shortest cycle time for project feedback and productivity insights.

Bentley SYNCHRO 4D

SYNCHRO Perform features help construction firms manage construction projects on the basis of resources, progress and financial performance with an intelligence dashboard.

With daily, clear line-of-sight into the management of all site resources from staff, sub-contractors, and equipment, SYNCHRO Perform fills the gaps between end-of-month financial reporting cycles. And, with project leadership potentially at a disadvantage when it comes to decision-making due to delays in progress capture and errors in data entry, SYNCHRO Perform provides a timely source of truth for all performance management data and metrics, so that project leadership knows the health of every project. Construction-specific features capture daily progress quantities, diaries, unplanned events, timesheets, tickets, and estimated costs from field personnel, providing leadership with the timely data they need to make informed decisions.

4D and 5D for Construction

Top construction firms use 4D models to build and optimize schedules and plan and communicate sequencing and staging of critical environments all done in a virtual environment without touching the actual construction site. These digital rehearsals are key to the planning process to ensure resources are optimized, reducing rework and increasing safety on the job site.

The latest updates in the software extend the value of the 4D model to more project stakeholders. Such stakeholders can communicate and collaborate more clearly on real-time and model-field-collected data to ensure that projects stay on track.

“Construction teams need to ensure that they are in control of both the schedule and costs of their projects,” said Rich Humphrey, vice president of construction at Bentley Systems. “The addition of SYNCHRO Cost and SYNCHRO Perform extends SYNCHRO’s industry-leading 4D scheduling and project management solutions to include more capabilities to help contractors manage their costs and effectively connect the planning and tracking of costs and schedule. Time is money, and we want project teams to save more of both with SYNCHRO.”

To learn more, visit here.


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