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BIM News: Infurnia—design and collaborate in the cloud on any device

Infurnia users can design and collaborate in the cloud on any device, using various design functions and managing their data efficiently.


Infurnia is a new cloud-based architectural software service. Its users can design and collaborate in the cloud on virtually any modern computing device, whilst managing the resulting data efficiently. Infurnia provides CAD, BIM (building information modeling), collaboration tools, data management, and platform-independent accessibility. It also enables designers to implement BIM into their designs.

Universal Cross-platform BIM

In contrast to traditional systems such as Revit, Infurnia users can create designs using almost any modern operating system, including Apple Macintosh OSX, Microsoft Windows, and most GNU/Linux distributions.

Infurnia design and collaborate in the cloud

Infurnia design and collaborate in the cloud – in this instance running on KDE Neon GNU/Linux. But it could just as easily be Mac or Windows.

Infurnia also runs on hand-held device operating systems such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. All Infurnia needs is a reasonably good internet connection (4 megabits per second or better) and a modern computing device with Google’s Chrome browser installed.

Within Infurnia, the ‘Information’ part of its Building Information Modeling is hard-coded into its modeling and designing component. Its features include floor plan creation, BIM-based 3D designing, production drawings, bill of materials generation, price quotation generation, and high-quality modeling and 3D rendering.

Infurnia Technologies envisages its product will be deployed in three key areas:

  • Architectural Design — Cloud-based Infurnia enables designers to design buildings in a highly collaborative way.  Infurnia’s availability on all platforms enables designers to work on their plans and share them with other professionals, anytime, anywhere.
  • Interior Design — Infurnia is also very effective as interior design software. With a large product catalog and custom shape tools, designers can use it to create attractive and practical internal designs very efficiently.
  • Kitchen Design — Infurnia can also be deployed to create beautiful modular kitchens quickly and easily. Using Infurnia’s catalog management and pricing engine, designers can create bills of quantity almost instantly.

Integration with existing systems

In addition to being able to design and collaborate in the cloud, Infurnia also helps users to streamline their workflow by integrating with existing corporate IT systems. For example, Infurnia can exchange data with ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relationship management), pricing engines, and corporate login systems.


Infurnia Technologies currently offers three price plans, enabling organizations of various sizes to design and collaborate together. These are entitled: ‘Professional’, ‘Business’ and ‘Enterprise’.

  • Professional. This is aimed at freelance designers and is currently free. The professional version includes one Design License.
  • Business. This is for SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and design studios. It costs 600 USD per month. This includes 10 Design Licenses. On an annual basis that is 7,800 USD a year for a firm of 10 users.
  • Enterprise. This price plan is for large organizations and costs 7,500 USD per month. This includes 100 Design Licenses.
  • Additional Design Licenses cost 50 USD per month per user.

Infurnia in action

For those wishing to experience Infurnia in action, Infurnia Technologies has uploaded a large collection of training videos on YouTube. Alternatively, you may click here for a free trial on your own computing device. Just remember to install the Chrome browser before you commence your trial.

About Infurnia Technologies

Infurnia Technologies was co-founded in 2014 by Lovepreet Mann, Nikhil Kumar, and Parul Jain. The company is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka in India. According to company information providers Crunchbase, Infurnia Technologies has raised funding totaling around $1.5 million USD in order to develop its product. In 2015, Infurnia had raised its first round of investment. In January 2016, it received an additional 160,000 USD from UAE-based venture capitalists Idein Ventures. Then in  October 2019, Infurnia also raised 200,000 USD from a group of angel investors based on a company valuation of 5 million USD.

[Editor’s note] 22 June 2022. We have learned from developer Lovepreet Mann that the current release of Infurnia does not run on iOS or Android devices. Developers are working on this issue and anticipate that it will be resolved in a future release of the product.

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