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Chaos Corona 8 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D released

Chaos Czech’s Chaos Corona 8 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D were released 13 April  2022, in the first-ever simultaneous update to both products.


Chaos Corona 8 for Autodesk’s 3ds Max, and the version for Maxon’s Cinema 4D were both released 13 April 2022. It is the first-ever simultaneous update to both products. In this update, Chaos Corona 8 brings more features and options to its artist-friendly rendering engine. Artists and designers can now access instant content, enhanced scattering and the other frequently requested features.

Corona 8

For faster scene creation, designers can now use Chaos Cosmos, a new 3D content system containing 1,300 free, properly curated models and HDRIs. (high dynamic range images). Designers can stage environments and interiors in a few clicks, with instant access to commonly used assets, such as furniture, trees, cars, and people.

Each asset is directly searchable within 3ds Max and Cinema 4D, making the process of creating credible imagery even more straightforward.

Sample image created using Chaos Corona 8 with Chaos Scatter

Sample image created using Chaos Corona 8 with Chaos Scatter

Director of Chaos Czech Development, Ondřej Karlík tells us:


“By connecting Corona 8 into the Chaos ecosystem, designers never have to worry about how things move back and forth again. They can just pick the right tool for the job, and trust that it will integrate well with everything else they are doing, As Chaos continues to share technology, we bring more power to our users, helping them do more in their product of choice.”


Chaos Cosmos makes it easy to add realistic-looking 3D content to your projects. With a library of render-ready models, comprehensive materials, and beautiful HDR (high dynamic range) skies, you can stage your architectural and interior designs quickly and easily. Simply add the assets to your scenes straight from the new Chaos Cosmos Browser.

The update also welcomes the addition of Chaos Scatter. This allows users quickly to place objects into a scene in a plausibly randomized manner. This is ideal for adding objects such as rocks and trees, or textile fibers. Chaos Scatter is designed to be flexible and useful across a wide variety of landscapes and interiors.

Also included in the latest release

  • Corona Decal — Easily place things like splashes, scratches, and craters. Multiple decals can be stacked and controlled in the viewport.
  • Corona Slicer — A material that allows any geometry of any shape to be used in creating a cutaway of a building or other object. Corona Slicer includes options to create caps, define their materials, and include/exclude objects.
  • Tone Mapping — Designers can now exert more control over the final look of a cinematic render, without resorting to external image editing software.


Chaos Corona 8 is available now for Autodesk’s 3ds Max (versions 2014-2022, 64 bit for Microsoft Windows), and for Cinema 4D (R14-R25 64 bit for MS Windows and Apple Macintosh). Pricing is subscription-based and costs 45 USD monthly or 310 USD annually.

  • A comprehensive list of features can be found on the Chaos Corona website.

About Chaos Czech

Chaos Czech is the creator of Corona Renderer, a high-performance photorealistic rendering engine. Chaos Czech is a leader in architectural visualization software. It offers a simple, yet powerful tool for professional artists. Chaos Czech continues to bring this approach to its development of new tools for architecture, advertising, and motion graphics. Chaos Czech is a Chaos company, headquartered in Prague.

About Chaos

Chaos develops a range of visualization software that enables artists and designers to create realistic imagery and animation across many creative industries. The firm’s renderer, V-Ray®, has been honored with both an Academy Award® and an Engineering Emmy® for its role in the adoption of ray-traced rendering in motion pictures and television.

In January 2022, Chaos merged with Enscape, a provider of real-time rendering and design workflow technology for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry. Together, the newly combined company is creating a complete collection of 3D visualization tools.

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