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NVIDIA’s CEO Jensen Huang Dazzles with Key Announcements and New Tools for Omniverse

NVIDIA’s 2021 GTC brought exciting Omniverse news, plus a bounty of new NVIDIA chip technologies, software, and high-performance compute news.

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New NVIDIA Offerings

Additional announcements at GTC showcased a wide range of NVIDIA products and initiatives, including virtual reality, enterprise AI, cybersecurity, quantum computing, automotive, medical, scientific research, and architecture. NVIDIA laid out its plans for a higher level of supercomputing. Here is a summary of several items at different levels of detail:

NVIDIA QUANTUM-2  — is a new type of supercomputer that provides the bare metal performance of a supercomputer with the security of multi-tenant cloud computing. “This has never been done before,” said CEO Jensen Huang. “It is cloud-native supercomputing.”

The convergence of accelerated computing (fundamentally new tech stacks), AI deep learning optimized new code, and data-level scale and new types of applications are accelerating compute 1 million times.

It’s a 400GB InfiniBand platform. 224k GB per second. 1.5x the total traffic over the Internet. The product is sampling now.

NVIDIA Bluefield — DOCA 1.2, and Morpheus supercharge developers deploying accelerated cybersecurity on cloud-native architecture with behavior-analysis and threat detection 600x faster than CPU only. Zero trust platform combines NVIDIA Bluefield DPU’s, NVIDIA DOC, and NVIDIA Morpheus cybersecurity AI framework.

NVIDIA Quantum-2 is a new type of supercomputer that provides the performance of traditional supercomputers with the advantages of multi-tenant cloud computing. Its capabilities and industry users are wide and include things like cybersecurity.

It enables development partners to bring high-level security to data centers—by allowing applications from infrastructure by supercharging next-generation firewalls and by bringing the power of accelerated computing and deep learning to continuously monitor and detect threats. It speeds up the process by 600X faster than servers without NVIDIA acceleration.

NVIDIA Bluefield DPU offloads cybersecurity computing functions from the CPU to the Bluefield DPU bringing treat protection from the perimeter to the edge.

The device itself is Bluefield-3 — InfiniBand PCIx devices plug into Quantum-2. Each features a 64-bit 16-core ARM processor with 22 billion transistors (TSMC 7N) with 400 Gbps Crypto Accelerators. 4x networking computing performance, 2x GPUDirect throughput. The device is sampling in May. 

NVIDIA’s Bluefield-3 controller for cybersecurity plugs into the Quantum-2 and uses InfinityBand technology and is built around a 64-bit 16-core ARM processor with 22 billion transistors.

NVIDIA Reopt — Reoptimize Logistics and Supply Chain in Real-Time. Accelerated Solver for the vehicle routes, picking, warehouse selection, and fleet mix. Optimization. Rerouting saves travel time and saves money.

NVIDIA cuQuantum — cuQuantum for quantum computing enables large quantum circuits to be simulated instantly faster, allowing quantum researchers to study a broader space of algorithms and applications.

NVIDIA has set a world record for quantum computing simulations with cuQuantum running on GDX Super POD. 

NVIDIA cuNumeric — A new library to accelerate NumPy for scientists and machine learning researchers in Python.

  • CUDA-X accelerated DGL container.

CUDA-X is for graph neural networks and offers scientists, researchers, and data scientists working on GNNs with large graphs a quick way to set up a working environment. The container simplifies the integrated, GPU-accelerated GNN environment combining DGL and PyTorch. GPU accelerated GNN’s can be mined for insights even with the largest graphs in the world approaching a trillion edges to a single graph. 

Pinterest uses graph neural networks with billions of nodes and edges to understand their ecosystem of over 300 billion pins based on GPU-optimized libraries for training and inference models. 

Modulus. — A framework for building Physics-ML models. Modulus is designed to build physics simulations on a huge scale. Modulus is customizable and easy to adopt. It offers APIs for implementing new physics and geometry. The framework comes with step-by-step tutorials for getting started in computational fluid dynamics. 

NVIDIA Modulus technologies are aimed at tackling climate change and are a framework for building Physics-ML models designed to run physics simulations on a huge scale.

This technology is about attempting to tackle climate change prediction at the global scale (Earth scale). Million X Climate Science. “10,000 to 100,000 times higher resolution than any weather simulation done today,” said CEO Jensen Huang during his keynote. “There are no computers big enough that we can build. We need a computer science breakthrough.” He said, “The largest reservoirs in the US are at record low levels in two decades, some 150 feet below what they were.” To solve climate change we need this new type of computing power. “We can create a digital twin of the Earth that runs continuously to predict the future.”

In a few years’ time, NVIDIA technologies may be able to link global live weather data and feed it into a digital twin of the Earth running in Omniverse.

On Modulus, seven days of prediction takes only a 1/4 second on a GPU. “That’s 100,000x faster than simulation,” he said. “Hopefully in a couple of years, real data will flow into a digital twin of Earth running in Omniverse.” 

NVIDIA Riva Speech AI — A huge new software development of advanced speech AI. A demonstration of Project Maxine integrates Riva’s real-time translation and text-to-speech with photo animation “live portrait” and eye contact in real-time. The avatar was able to speak in many languages and adapt its facial features accordingly.

NVIDIA Isaac ROS — New Isaac ROS GEM brings NVIDIA Robotics AI to the ROS Community.

NVIDIA Clara Discovery — Santos transforms drug discovery and design with AI-powered molecular simulation. Santos is applying to revolutionize drug design using AI that enables a thousandfold acceleration in molecular properties prediction. Clara Discovery is a collection of state-of-the-art frameworks, applications, and pre-trained models built to unlock insights into how billions of drug molecules interact inside our bodies. This could reduce side effects and adverse reactions.

Drug discovery as an industry is totally transformed by computer science. NVIDIA Clara Discovery is one piece of transforming technology in combination with NVIDIA’s high-performance GPU compute technologies.

“The opportunities space has multiplied a million fold,” said Huang, “…to generate new forms structured proteins… to create hundreds of thousands of protein structures, opening up a gigantic unexplored space of new opportunities. We are witnessing the dawn of the biology revolution.”

In Summary

NVIDIA is creating and advancing secure working technologies we take for granted like cybersecurity, the flow of the supply chain, and so much more. CEO Jensen Huang is passionate about his work at NVIDIA and creating technologies for a better world. 

I admit I was completely blown away by the demonstration of predicting Climate Change in the future using NVIDIA’s tech. Omniverse is a masterpiece creating simulated connections into the Metaverse with many options for enterprise and individual users. Currently the public open beta of Omniverse is only available for Windows and Linux. You can download Omniverse here.

NVIDIA Omniverse could power a real-time digital twin of Earth.

Notice the year in this image. Mankind is in a dire situation to accelerate knowledge of climate change’s impact on Earth and to reduce carbon in our atmosphere by utilizing carbon-free energy sources to power our world.

The pandemic created an environment for innovation and adaptability. Companies either changed to embrace the future of technology or struggled to adapt to a much more complex set of rules. NVIDIA is adapting and creating solutions for all of us. 

Architects reading this will find many of the technologies noted above beyond the scope of their current pipelines, but certainly many are going to transform their future pipelines. Moreover, many of these technologies will be an essential part of their everyday life from driving, to ordering from warehouses in the supply chain for their projects. Omniverse can create a new workforce and a much more democratic world. You can work remotely from anywhere, giving access to talent across the globe. If I were to describe everything, I saw in one word at GTC 2021 this year it would be LIMITLESS.


We offered you a summary of his one-and-a-half-hour-long keynote above. We encourage you to watch the keynote as well, time permitting. 

NVIDIA GTC 2021 Conference Website

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