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BOXX Systems Releases New NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise Systems

BOXX Systems Support NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise — including FLEXX data center systems and APEXX workstations and more…


Perfectly timed for this fall’s exciting NVIDIA Omniverse news, BOXX Technologies, the leading innovator of high-performance computer workstations, dedicated rendering systems, and servers have announced that they will support NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, the multi-GPU real-time simulation and collaboration platform for 3D production pipelines.

The news arrives as GTC 21, a global AI conference is taking place through November 11.

With BOXX offering NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, its customers can collaborate in real-time regardless of geographical distance, significantly reducing costs.

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

“Our dedication to facilitating remote work for creators, along with the innovative integration of NVIDIA GPUs, makes our adoption of NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise an easy decision,” said Bill Leasure, BOXX VP of Sales and Marketing. “Omniverse not only enables teams to collaborate remotely, but it also accelerates workflows, allows seamless access to data and projects, and saves money while maximizing infrastructure value.”

BOXX FLEXX supports NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

BOXX Technologies FLEXX datacenter system seen here in the image. The system can power NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise.

“BOXX is a great partner with the knowledge and expertise to support all types of creators on how to implement and iterate with Omniverse Enterprise,” said Richard Kerris, vice president of the Omniverse development platform at NVIDIA. “BOXX is delivering NVIDIA-Certified workstations, servers, and cloud services to support leading-edge end-users of Omniverse Enterprise software.”

Simultaneous Collaboration

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise enables a “single source of truth” workflow, helping organizations increase value and save time by working simultaneously as teams, generating project iterations instantaneously, and resulting in faster workflows.

The technology also maximizes the value of existing infrastructure by unlocking live-sync collaboration and linking teams working across disjointed systems and incompatible software applications. Omniverse will be available with BOXX APEXX workstations, RAXX rack-mounted systems, BOXX Cloud, and FLEXX data center platforms (bare metal or virtualized solutions).

FLEXX Systems

BOXX Technologies FLEXX systems are multi-node and data-center ready. They are capable of supporting simultaneous, multiple types of compute nodes, providing the highest performance for engineers, architects, designers, and artists, and other professional content creators.

These systems can have their users working onsite or remotely.

BOXX APEXX S3 workstation shown. Omniverse will be available with BOXX APEXX workstations, BOXX Cloud, RAXX systems, and FLEXX data platform systems (see above).

Compute nodes include NVIDIA Virtual Workstation nodes that can be accessed from any connected device, delivering performance previously available only in desk side workstations, as well as multi-CPU render nodes and multi-GPU workstation or render nodes. FLEXX systems are recommended for Autodesk Revit, Maya, 3ds Max, and Arnold, as well as SOLIDWORKS Simulation & Visualize, Chaos V-Ray, and other applications. 

“Everything built must first be designed, simulated, and rendered, and the artists, designers, and engineers responsible are often part of a hybrid workforce, working remotely or located throughout the world,” said Leasure. “Each one of their skills requires its own physical or virtualized setup and each discipline its own applications. With NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, BOXX systems will unite and enable these creators to work simultaneously and run graphics-intensive applications from anywhere without sacrificing performance.”

For further information and pricing on BOXX solutions with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, contact a BOXX sales consultant in the US at 1-877-877-2699. Learn more about BOXX systems, finance options, and how to contact worldwide resellers, by visiting 

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