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Archicad 25 Update 2—Adds Redshift Render and More

Archicad 25 Update 2 is available now—new features include GPU accelerated Redshift Rendering, new interoperability and more.


Graphisoft has provided Updated 2 for Archicad 25, the latest release of its award-winning BIM application for architects. The new Update 2 adds significant new features, including an important rendering option. 

Update 2—New

Released back in July of this year, Archicad 25 delivered numerous customer-driven updates, showing that the Hungarian-based global software developer derives its key feature updates directly from its user base. Update 2 further adds to this. 

Now Archicad 25 with Update 2 gains onboard Redshift Renderer by Maxon, one of its Nemetschek sister companies. The world’s first fully GPU-accelerated biased rendering engine will deliver stunning high-end production rendering into Archicad 25 workflows. 

Archicad Update 2.

Redshift is the world’s first GPU-accelerated biased renderer and is part of Maxon technology now coming into Archicad 25 with this update.

Users will gain the flexibility and quality of CPU rendering with the extreme speed of GPU-based rendering. This feature is currently available as a Technology Preview for Archicad 25 users with a Software Service Agreement (SSA) or Forward Agreement. Redshift will be offered as an exclusive benefit for Graphisoft Forward subscribers, starting with Archicad 25 Update 3. 

New Collaboration 

Already supporting over 40 export and import file formats, including DWG, PDF, XLS, and SAF, plus ICF and BCF, Update 2 brings new ways to collab with partners, including updates to the IFC export process, new Excel data in Hotlink modules, native survey point support to enable cross-application compatibility, plus a new FRILO Connection, which integrates structural models between Archicad and FRILO with a simple click. 

For those not aware of FRILO, this is a Nemetschek Group company that provides software for structural engineering analysis and design. The new BIM-Connector at FRILO supports Open BIM workflows, including IFC and the new SAF file support. 

“It’s exciting to see that Graphisoft continues to invest in Archicad and is pushing the boundaries of BIM software,” said David Thompson, Director, THAA Architects. “It’s reassuring to know that the software continues to be developed and improved.”

Design Updates

Available as a Technology Preview, the new Overlap Check aims to detect partial linear overlaps in BIM models. 

Archicad Update 2.

Check Linear Overlaps is new technology that checks BIM models for a certain type of error.

“At Graphisoft, we believe that the software must adapt to the architect and not the other way around,” said Shesh Gorur, Vice President for Product Success, Graphisoft. “The tool must be flexible enough to accommodate creativity while complying with local standards and regulations. Graphisoft’s focus is to provide precision tools that make our products more flexible and intuitive – you work on the design, and the process runs in the background,” he added.

Other Updates

There are new enhanced Graphic Overrides, new Surface RGB, and transparency sliders to let architects and designers further personalize the look of their designs. 

New documentation improvements in Update 2 include fully customizable textual content and zone colors. There are also upgraded quantity take-off features to ensure accurate information in the right formats. 

To learn more about Archicad 25, visit there. 

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