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Nemetschek Group Sponsors Venture Lab Built Environment at Technical University of Munich

Nemetschek Group has invested in a new lab environment for the built environment at the Technical University of Munich to spur innovation in emerging technologies impacting the AEC industry.


This week German AEC software holding company, Nemetschek Group, signed an agreement to sponsor the TUM Venture Lab Built Environment. The global AEC software giant will aid this new innovation center financially over a period of three years plus provide expertise and guidance leveraging its global knowledge of the digitalization of the construction industry.

AI and Robotics

The new Venture Lab at the Technical University of Munich will focus on emergent technologies (emTech) in areas such as robotics in construction both onsite and in factories, AI-powered construction planning and operations, and the use of machine learning (ML) to provide smart buildings and smart cities.

Recognizing that the built environment is advancing rapidly, the Venture Lab Built Environment will conduct interdisciplinary research in these future fields, including digital design for manufacturing and assembly (DfMA) in the built environment space. In an effort to help bring research that leads to markable innovation a place in the AEC spectrum of change, the TUM Venture Lab offers startup teams superb infrastructure for design, creative exchange, prototyping, and management.

Nemetschek Group partners with TUM for the built environment.

Dr. Axel Kaufmann (Spokesman of the Board & CFOO Nemetschek Group), Tanja Kufner (Head of Start-Up & Venture Investments Nemetschek Group), Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoffmann (President of TUM), and Dr. Sandra Bogdanovic (Fundraising Officer TUM).

Startup teams gain advanced training and incubator programs, including business model development and support in financing. The Innovation Center facilities direct links to cutting-edge research and exchange with top-class partners from industry and research.

“We have had close ties with the Technical University of Munich for decades,” says Dr. Axel Kaufmann, spokesman, and CFOO of the Nemetschek Group. “We are now expanding this cooperation by making our network and know-how available and thus jointly evolving and strengthening the TUM Venture Lab Built Environment.”

“The sustainable design, creation, and maintenance of the built environment is one of the big challenges of the 21st century. In order to be successful here, we need the inventiveness and the innovative dynamism of courageous founders. We are delighted that the Nemetschek Group is supporting the TUM Venture Lab Built Environment with all its technical and entrepreneurial expertise. This mutual strengthening and networking are significant characteristics of the most successful innovation locations. The funding of the TUM Georg Nemetschek Institute Artificial Intelligence for the Built World by the Nemetschek Innovation Foundation, which was agreed last year, has already made a decisive contribution to bringing Munich forward as a deep-tech hub,” explains Prof. Dr. Thomas F. Hofmann, President of the Technical University of Munich.

Venture Strategy

This funding for the new Venture Lab Built Environment at the Technical University of Munich is part of the Nemetschek Group’s venture strategy. The goal is to drive up innovation and shape the construction industry of the future.

As part of its larger venture strategy, the Group recently participating in financing rounds for Reconstruct Inc., the US market leader for remote quality control and progress tracking based on computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI), and Sablano, the market leader for the digital lean technology for construction companies in Germany.*

To learn more about the Nemetschek Group go here. To learn more about the Technical University of Munich click on the link.

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