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Two Podcast Series Architosh Reader May Want to Listen To

These two podcast shows aren’t just from architects who created the popular Archispeak podcast show, they both focus on technology.


In the past year, I have come to learn about and be a guest on two podcast shows I wanted to share with readers today.

Inside the Apple Studio

Recently I had the good fortune of being invited to be the guest on architect Neal Pann’s podcast show, “Inside the Apple Studio,” a show devoted to all things Apple and Macintosh in the world of architecture. Many of you may know of Neal Pann’s work from the famous Archispeak podcast show he co-founded many many years ago.

podcast - Inside the Apple Studio

Inside the Apple Studio (ITAS) is a relatively new podcast devoted entirely to the focus of architects practicing on Apple platforms.

Pann’s mission with the Inside the Apple Studio show is to introduce various architects and designers who practice on the Mac and often are contributors to the segment of the industry who supports or endorses Apple’s devices and systems in AEC. My work at Architosh has not been solely focused on Apple for nearly a decade now and Architosh’s mission statement makes that plainly clear. But I was really happy to have a chance to talk about both Architosh and my architectural career. And I am equally enthused to share this new podcast series with the segment of Architosh readers who are on Apple’s platforms.

Inside the Apple Studio is a young podcast, six episodes deep thus far. Mark LePage and Robert Yuan (he is the founder of the Monograph app, a financial tool for architects) are some names Architosh readers may be quite familiar with. In addition to Pann’s new podcasts series, the website it sits on is AppleForArchitects and hosts a gallery of “architect desks” featuring, naturally, Mac and Apple gear.

Where to Listen

You can find and listen to the podcast Inside the Apple Studio podcast here. 


TRXL is another great podcast show that got started more than a year ago and is now at episode 51.  Evan Troxel is an architect and also one of the founders of Archispeak. It’s worth mentioning Archispeak here for a brief moment. The podcast was a conversation amongst its three main hosts, Neal Pann, Evan Troxel, and Cormac Phalen. It began in early 2013 and ran with a biweekly show straight until roughly 2019 leading into the pandemic when all three took a break. While Neal and Evan have ventured off to focus on more specific podcast shows, Archispeak itself has been continued with Even and Cormac.

podcast - TRXL

TRXL is a podcast focused on digital technologies in AEC.

A big difference between Inside the Apple Studio and TRXL as compared to Archispeak is the format and focus of the shows. Archispeak was created as a casual conversation among three architects and friends who waxed and waned about architecture life. The topics were as wide and varied as life itself.

In contrast, TRXL and Inside the Apple Studio feature shows that focus on guests in each show. While both shows are technology-centric, the latter show is specifically aimed at architects and those practicing on Apple’s platforms (macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, etc). If Architosh has created a podcast back in 1999 when it was founded it, it would have been like Neal Pann’s show.

In contrast, Even Troxel has taken TRXL in a broader technological direction. His show guests are there to talk about AEC industry technology in the broadest sense.

Where to Listen

You can find and listen to the podcast TRXL here. 

Final Thoughts

I cannot overstate my recommendation for both of these shows to the Architosh readership. They both showcase interesting guests and I count myself lucky and blessed to have been one of them alongside their great roster of movers-and-shakers in the industry.

A recent show on TRXL that I think Architosh INSIDER Xpresso readers, in particular, will like is episode 048: ‘How it Started: How it’s Going,’ with Ian Keogh and Clifton Harness. 

Likewise, the Inside the Apple Studio episode on Robert Yuan, CEO of Monograph is a wonderful episode focused on a true entrepreneur behind one of the most exciting new architect-led software companies.

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