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GRAPHISOFT Announces Archicad 25 — Now Available

Archicad 25 is now available in select regions of the world. GRAPHISOFT Archicad 25 boasts numerous BIM workflow improvements.


Nemetschek Group’s daughter company GRAPHISOFT, has announced Archicad 25, the Hungarian software company’s flagship BIM application for architects. The annual update is available immediately for download (see more below).

New in Archicad 25

GRAPHISOFT says this latest release of its award-winning BIM application is the most customer-driven update ever and offers powerful improvements across the board touching on areas such as design, visualization, documentation, and collaboration capabilities.


Archicad 25 users gain faster modeling workflows due to new “unified” navigation commands between 2D and 3D views. A big new feature is the ability to do more precise quantity estimates using custom-shaped openings using plain polygons in both 2D and 3D views.

Archicad 25 features most user-driven updates in history of product.

GRAPHISOFT Archicad 25 boasts numerous new features and is the most user-driven annual update in the history of the BIM application, says the company.

Archicad 25 also features a bigger and newer 3D parametric objects library with more on-trend objects like new modular cabinetry for kitchens and baths. Finally, the latest version of the popular BIM software enables the import and export of Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 files.


New updates in visualization enable soft shadows and contours to add depth to surfaces in section and elevation views. Users can display surface textures in section and elevation views as well.

On the Mac version, users will now enjoy faster graphics and visualization due to the full utilization of Apple’s Metal graphics API, which replaces OpenGL.


Archicad 25 also boasts new features for improved documentation. Users can automatically display MEP-related information for a smoother MEP documentation workflow, enhancing coordination.

There are new Graphic Override options including custom RGB colors and transparency functions are coming soon in an update.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, collaboration has taken on a new meaning. GRAPHISOFT has not stopped improving on collaboration technologies.

Archicad 25 features a new Native Survey Point technology that aids in the centralized management of real-world coordinates in all Open BIM workflows. There is new support for Autodesk Revit 2021 to boost better collaboration with engineers using Revit MEP software.

Archicad 25 features ability to view loads in Structural Analytical Model.

Archicad 25 has improvements to its Structural Analytical Model capabilities, including the Generation Rules improvements and a new ability to handle and display loads accurately.

And migrating from Revit to Archicad is made easier with the RFA and RVT geometry exchange functionality.

Finally, users can benefit from the Archicad-Solibri connection add-on software, free for all users.

“In an ever-changing world, cox graae + spack architects recognize it’s critical to utilize innovative technologies that enhance our ability to communicate seamlessly with our clients, our consultants, and our project builders as well as the sub-contractor and fabricator communities,” said Derek Banocy, AIA, Associate Principal. “From IFC file exchange for consultant coordination to 3D design of complex geometries, Archicad was essential to the entire team to deliver the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Put simply, it would have been impossible to visualize, design, and construct this innovative design without the collaborative team process ingrained in our office culture.”


Archicad users and even non-users benefit from the award-winning BIMx app, the most popular presentation and coordination app for all project stakeholders, which bridges the gap between the design studio and the construction site.

BIMx features the ‘BIM Hyper-model’ – a game-like navigation tool that helps even non-professionals easily explore the building model and understand project deliverables. Real-time model cut-throughs, in-context measuring, and project markups in the model context make BIMx the architect’s best on-site BIM companion.


During the pandemic year, BIMcloud technology became a critical component to many Archicad-based offices. With BIMcloud architects can rely on secure, real-time collaboration between project team members regardless of the size or complexity of the project, the location of the offices, or the speed of the Internet connection.

Award-winning BIMcloud is available in both private and public cloud configurations on standard hardware so even smaller offices can take advantage of fast, efficient, and secure access to shared projects in real-time.

BIMx + BIMcloud Together

Integrated with Archicad 25, Graphisoft’s BIMx and BIMcloud are better than ever — together. BIMcloud has been rebooted with a new, 100K file capacity, and opened up so that users can host all their project files in one convenient location. In addition, the BIMx desktop viewer opens all 2D and 3D files, with access from the BIMcloud desktop app — what’s more, the new 3D BIMx engine is now available for Android users as well.

“As we work with architects around the world, their comments and concerns often lead to improvements and enhancements that make Archicad better with each version and update.  Archicad 25 is no different.  Our clients will experience the continuous innovations we put into each new version,” said Shesh Gorur, Vice President for Product Success at Graphisoft.


Also announced this week is the next generation of Graphisoft’s Software Service program. With Graphisoft Forward, users will maximize value and productivity while lowering the overall cost of software ownership through exclusive tools, training, support, and services. Early access to downloads and free product updates guarantees that they’ll benefit from the latest innovations and capabilities.

Effective immediately, the International, US, UK and Ireland, German, Austrian, French, Italian, and Brazilian localized packages are available on the official download site. Users worldwide can contact local Archicad resellers for specific language shipping dates for each of the 28 localized packages that will become available during the remainder of 2021.

For more information about Archicad 25, please visit

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