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Shapr3D Intros new Drawings Feature and New Packaging

Shapr3D introduces Drawings feature and new Business plan, advances itself towards MCAD heavy weight territory with more to come.


Budapest, Hungary-based Shapr3D, has introduced their highly anticipated Drawings feature today, as well as brand new pricing tiers.

Drawings Re-positions App

The award-winning iOS app—now also available for macOS—shook up the industry with the first, truly powerful, and ultra-intuitive 3D CAD solution and famously required an Apple iPad Pro with Apple Pencil for its functionality.

With the Drawings launch, Shapr3D is now more a complete solution for companies that manufacture industrial goods. The CAD company says that Shapr3D “now supports the full concept-to-manufacturable-drawing journey.”

Shapr3D CAD

Shapr3D intros new Drawings features and new Business plan. Provides “full concept-to-manufacturable-drawing journey.”

Aimed at product and industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and design project managers, Shapr3D with Drawings enable these professionals to stay inside one program versus jumping back and forth between CAD platforms, in addition to saving costs on needing fewer digital tools.

New Business Plan

Drawings is exclusive to the new Shapr3D Business plan, which is unveiled on 1 March 2021. This new Business plan replaces the Pro package, for USD 499.00 per year or USD 59.00 per month. Business plan users will be able to create 2D views from a 3D body and save them as DWG or DXF files. The plan also includes unlimited CAD imports/exports, designs, and workspaces—as well as seamless integration with your desktop CAD.

“First, we created an unforgettable CAD design experience for CAD users,” says István Csanády, Founder and CEO of Shapr3D. “Now we’re going to do the same and more for businesses. Shapr3D will be the go-to app for design-focused companies looking to easily envision, design, and manufacture industrial goods. Every new feature takes us one step closer to rivaling traditional CAD giants, but with our direct modeling approach and an unwavering commitment to UX that sets us miles apart.”

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“Shapr3D is developing a tool that’s built from the ground up for capturing ideas and using the power of three-dimensional design to progress those ideas and concepts further – on a platform and with an input method that’s long underserved in the design and engineering software market. The addition of the ability to then document those ideas using the new drawing capabilities makes it even more useful,” adds Al Dean, Editor-in-Chief, DEVELOP3D.

“The addition of Drawings completes Shapr3D’s design capabilities to support concept to manufacturing. Now all key roles in the design process from Product Managers, Engineering Managers, Industrial Designers, Mechanical Engineers, and Manufacturing can take full advantage of Shapr3D’s intuitive user interface, with the flexibility of using any device they like,” says Michelle Boucher, Vice President of Engineering Software Research at research firm, Tech-Clarity. “Plus, the tiered pricing means they can take advantage of it at a very affordable price.”

“Shapr3D delivers a refreshing change for those frustrated by the complexities and user interface legacies of some other CAD tools. For those that love their Apple products, iPads, and Macs; they’ll feel particularly at home, possibly even delighted with the user interface. Their recently (and soon to be) released functionality is an intriguing evolution of the platform, aiming to be much more in tune with the needs of those involved in product design, engineering, and manufacturing.” Allan Behrens, Managing Director, Taxal Limited

Pricing Restructure

The new pricing comes into effect on 8 March 2021, and existing Pro users will be upgraded at no extra cost to the business package as long as their account is active. Prospective users can also take advantage of Shapr3D’s special promotion in the run-up to the new release: anyone purchasing the Pro version between now until March 8 will only pay USD 249.00 and will be eligible for the automatic upgrade, also.

To learn more visit them online here.

Architosh Analysis and Commentary

Shapr3D continues to advance towards more serious MCAD territory but with a bold vision and confidence about where—or what platforms and devices—the future of the CAD industry will be played out. Csanady and his young company have seen remarkable success developing its only product simply on the Apple iPad Pro with Apple Pencil as its only UX input device. If that isn’t evidence of disruptive potential underfoot, I don’t know what is. 

Recently they have taken their codebase to the new M1 chip-based Macs and are also thinking of Windows—that platform that, ironically represents the era of 90’s CAD establishment. Shapr3D is a company that is long on Apple. That puts them in the same category as Warren Buffett, which is always a comforting place to be.  (editor’s note: Apple is Berkshire Hathaway’s third-largest shareholding.).

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