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Optim 1.2 Adds Real-Time, Interactive CV Collaboration to Unreal Engine

Unreal Users with the Optim Plug-in can now tour digital scenes in VR, meet with teams in real-time and communicate without leaving their homes or offices.


Those AEC visualization professionals using the Unreal Engine as their platform for interactive and real-time visualization projects will be pleased to learn about this new plugin from Theia Interactive, a technology company based in Chico, California.

Optim 1.2

Optim is a plugin for Epic Games’ Unreal Engine environment and offers users a host of new tools and ready-to-use templates that allow for real-time interaction within existing VR projects.

Optim was originally created to help Theia Interactive improve its own internal workflows, helping both teams and individual artists of all skill levels work more optimally inside of the advanced Unreal Engine, an environment originally crafted for game developers.

VR Functionality

Accessing the new VR functionality is as simple as selecting a new multi-user collaborative template in Unreal, via the Optim native plugin. Team members working anywhere in the world will then be represented within the project as individual avatars, and have the option to explore all angles of an existing digital scene using a new live VR camera.

Theia Interactive’s Optim 1.2 dramatically streamlines visualization workflows in Unreal Engine and provides real-time VR multi-user collaborative sessions.

While in this multi-user VR session, users can capture imagery and information and voice chat for collaboration or virtual walk-throughs. They can also meet inside a virtual board room.

“Unreal Engine is an incredibly powerful tool, and by simplifying the way users can implement features like multi-user connectivity, we hope more people will embrace it,” said Bill Fishkin, president of Theia Interactive. “We created Optim as a way to help improve our own workflows, so we deeply understand the best ways to utilize game engines because we do it ourselves.”

The Full Features of Optim 1.2

Optim was an internal tool just for Theia Interactive prior to public release in November of 2019. It can significantly improve the creation process for Unreal users of all skill levels. The plugin enables anyone to import and optimize files in Unreal for real-time rendering; the plugin adds tools that streamline daily tasks in Unreal and can help artists create projects inside Unreal up to 300 percent faster.

Additional features include:

  • Improved UI – Updates to the in-editor toolkit further streamline the options with Unreal Engine, simplifying the creation process and making it more accessible.
  • Lightbuild Scheduler – Set an exact time to start your static light build to avoid disrupting other networked PCs.
  • Clustered Merging – An intelligent clustering algorithm automatically merges objects within a scene, keeping meshes in tight groups for easy culling.
  • Selection Filters – Quickly create precise selection sets within your scene using a variety of parameters including name, vertex count or applied material.
  • One-Click LODs – Select any number of meshes in your viewport and immediately apply Smart LODs without scrolling through menus or extra windows.

Theia’s in-house team of developers continue to incorporate user feedback with their own personal experience to create a roadmap that includes frequent updates, each released at no additional cost to license holders. Optim is available to try at no cost with a two-week free trial.

Pricing and Availability

Optim is available in three versions: “Starter,” “Pro” and “Enterprise.” Starter license holders will have access to the complete Optim Toolkit, and purchase options include monthly subscriptions with an introductory rate of $12/month, or annual plans for $108/year. The Pro version includes everything from the Starter package, plus the VR Collaboration Template. The introductory rate for a monthly Pro subscription is $90/month, while annual plans cost $900/year. Enterprise options include both the Starter and Pro packages, the Importer and industry-specific templates, tailored to individual markets. Pricing is available upon request, including floating licenses.

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