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INSIDER Xpresso #12—Subscribers First to Read In-Depth Report on McNeel’s “Rhino.Inside”

Our latest INSIDER Xpresso #12 newsletter features a key upcoming INSIDER Report on McNeel’s pivotal SDK technology ‘Rhino.Inside.’ Subscribers to the newsletter have gained early access to learn all about how Rhino and Grasshopper technology may find its way into every major CAD and BIM tool in the AEC market at some point in 2020.


Architosh’s INSIDER Xpresso #12 newsletter readers got an early chance to read a key feature report in the upcoming Architosh INSIDER Report annual that is focused on “computational design” in the AEC industry.

Titled, “Expanding a BIM Workflow Near You—McNeel’s New Open Source Rhino.Inside SDK” the feature article has Architosh interviewing Bob McNeel and Daniel Belcher of McNeel and Associates about all things ‘Rhino.Inside.’

The Deepest Scoop on Rhino.Inside

While other CAD industry outlets have written about the relatively new ‘Rhino.Inside’ open-source technology from McNeel, none have dug down this deep before, unlocking aspects and information about the SDK (software development kit) that is sure to light up the BIM world in 2020 with a lot of interesting developments.

This is an image for Rhino.Inside for Revit seen here.

For those who are not aware, ‘Rhino.Inside’ is a software toolkit that locates into a host application the full features of Rhino including Grasshopper. What has been publicized in the past year is that Rhino.Inside for Revit is a big deal and the leading push with this new technology. However, Rhino.Inside technology has many facets of impact within AEC that have not been discussed thoroughly before.

Two Ways to Read The Story

The feature on Rhino.Inside technology is coming up as part of our annual INSIDER Report. One way to read the story is to wait for the INSIDER Report to be published, relatively soon this month.

The more immediate way to read the story is to sign-up for INSIDER Xpresso, our free monthly newsletter. The benefits of signing up for our free newsletter include gaining access to emTech content (emerging technologies).

Instructions—Reading the Rhino.Inside Feature

To read this special feature from the latest issue release of our INSIDER Xpresso newsletter, follow these simple instructions:

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  7. Click on issue #12 in list (top). You are done.


(image 01) Step 3 image. Your image may say something slightly different about issue #1 but it looks like this.


(image 02) Step 4 image. Click the hyperlink.


(image 03) Step 6. Click on Past Issues in menu bar. It will take you to a list of Xpresso issues. Click on #11 for the story on Vectorworks and EmTech. That’s it!

Readers who have any issues signing up are free to contact us at: xpresso {at} architosh {dot} com.

Remember if you don’t like Xpresso—and we hope you give it a try—you can simply unsubscribe with a click on the bottom of each newsletter. It’s very easy, but if you have any issues at all please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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