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Graebert Announces Updates to ARES Native DWG CAD Product Line

Berlin, Germany-based Graebert, has announced major updates to its ARES CAD software technologies at its annual conference held there this month. Here is a brief summary of the big news.


ARES Commander 2020 will be released at the end of January 2020, says the Berlin-based CAD software developer, whose native DWG ARES Commander software product line runs natively on all three major desktop operating systems, plus Android and Apple iOS.

New in ARES Commander 2020

There are dozens of refinements and new additions to ARES in 2020, including an improved licensing workflow that will give users a better display of their licensing status and easy access to trial activation without leaving ARES Commander.

There is also a new Reference filter for handling layers during the external reference of drawings as part of the Layers Manager palette. This helps isolate those new layers from the added reference drawing—a most useful feature for day to day working. Some features unique to ARES Commander are the newly included non-text Add Markup functions. You can utilize predefined and custom stamps, voice recordings, and picture notes—all means to communicate intent for action on the drawings at future date.

Graebert has made significant announcements at its Annual Meeting conference in Berlin, but principally the company it strongly touting its ARES Kudo cloud-based DWG CAD solution to third-party OEMs and end-users alike.

ARES Commander 2020 can now allow access to BIM model data via Industry Foundation Classes (.ifc) and Revit (.rvt) and (.rfa) file formats. Once BIM models are loaded into ARES Commander 2020 you can view the model in 3D in the graphics area and also create sections through the model. You can also extra data from BIM elements like beams and columns through new filters for data extraction.

These are just some of the many new features in ARES Commander 2020, which as a full-fledged CAD engine and application, is fully utilized and customized by third-party developers into unique solutions such as CorelCAD and DraftSight.

Graebert Announces CLOUDify Pack for ARES Commander for OEM

Graebert says they are many years ahead of any CAD competition with their ARES Kudo technology and are now willing to offer it to third-party developers looking to build-out SaaS (software as a service) solutions for their customers and clients.

Citing reputable industry sources, the Berlin-based CAD company appears well-positioned to address the migration to SaaS software solutions in the CAD-based industries. SaaS companies are growing three times faster than non-SaaS software companies, according to the Subscription Economy Index (Zuora, October 2019).

The CLOUDify Pack for ARES Commander OEM enables developers to add the agility of the cloud to their one premise solutions powered by ARES Commander. In a similar and parallel effort, Graebert also announced the availability of the BIMflow Pack for ARES Commander OEM.

The BIMflow features aim at developing BIM-enabled vertical applications for optimal workflow between DWG drawings and BIM import/export capabilities. With the combination of its BIM, Mobile and Cloud features and technologies, the Berlin-based CAD developer aims at offering an unrivaled set of features for its developers that want to adopt disruptive strategies and differentiate strongly from their competition.

Whitepaper: ARES Kudo versus Autodesk AutoCAD Web

The company also announced a whitepaper written by independent CAD industry expert, Ralph Grabowski, author of over 200 books related to CAD, graphics, and the Internet. Architosh readers will also recongize him as the editor of upFront eZine newsletter and WorldCAD Access blog.

The 40-plus page white paper is entitled, “Comparing Cloud-based CAD Systems from Autodesk and Graebert: AutoCAD Web vs ARES Kudo.” We will report further on this whitepaper after we have had a chance to read it in detail. It is available for free to download and read here.

To learn more about Graebert visit here.

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