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Jonathan Reeves Highlights New Features in Vectorworks 2020

This new feature highlights architect Jonathan Reeves of the UK and his demonstration videos of the best new features in Vectorworks 2020.

THE UK-BASED ARCHITECT JONATHAN REEVES HAS been spooling off quality and informative videos on the new Vectorworks 2020 nearly since it became available. We first wrote about the first video here. Now he is at three videos and counting and for those interested to learn more about the latest version of Vectorworks his videos offer information that you won’t get from the materials at Vectorworks’s software maker.

With his knowledge and informed view, I asked Jonathan about some thoughts on the latest version.

Jonathan Reeves on Vectorworks 2020

“The new animation system in Vectorworks 2020 is very powerful and elegantly implemented,” said Reeves, who discusses the system in his first video here. (see video below) He notes that because it is object-based, meaning in software terms you end up with an editable object (ie: animation object) you can quickly set up animations in early-stage design, configure them for OpenGL rendering and then later, once the project is far more refined, edit the animation object and tweak settings like the rendering quality settings.



You can easily step inside the design history of how complex shapes were built and make edits at any stage of the process.



Reeves also noted that he feels the history modeling improvements are a big win for users. “You can easily step inside the design history of how complex shapes were built and make edits at any stage of the process,” he says. “This leads to drastic improvements in design flexibility, allowing you to try out “what if” scenarios, and speeds you up as you no longer need to remodel as the design develops.”

Jonathan Reeves, RIBA, heads his own practice, in addition to Vectorworks consulting, and thus has a front-row seat on BIM developments in the United Kingdom. We noted in our latest issue of Xpresso (#07), the newsletter, that the UK will overtake Germany to become the largest construction market in Europe and the sixth-largest construction market in the world by 2030, and as such will be an important one to watch BIM developments. Reeves says that since the UK government had mandated BIM level-2 back in 2016, there has been a huge uptake in BIM workflows in the UK. “Many UK practices are now really benefitting from implementing full BIM workflows, and we are seeing a gradual shift away from traditional 2D drafting being used for the whole project lifecycle,” he says.

Mr. Reeves was runner-up last year for “Training / Software Provider of the Year 2018” by the prestigious Construction Computing Awards, says that practices are seeing the benefits of not having to draw in one program, model in a second and render in a third. “The beauty of Vectorworks,” he says, “is that it is really a hub of software that can replace AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, Photoshop, and InDesign for more firms.” Reeves will say if you are curious about what I just said about being a hub, to visit his YouTube channel and watch him tour Vectorworks 2020 in action.

His Vectorworks 2020 Tour Videos

Reeves’ first video on Vectorworks 2020 discusses the new user-interface, including the new icons new dark-model option. He then discusses the new features in the history modeling functions. Then he covers the new animation system.

You can watch the video above or you can view it here.

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