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AIA: Revolutionary Software for Architects and Planners—Debuted in Vegas!

Digital Blue Foam’s automated workflow uses web data to inform generative design and links to BIM software to reduce time for design study by 50-98%.


In Las Vegas, during the GRAPHISOFT KCC (and then at AIA National) Digital Blue Foam, a web-based tool to support early-stage building design and automate feasibility analysis, was unveiled at a global gathering of leading architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) companies.

What is Digital Blue Foam

Digital Blue Foam co-founders Camiel Weijenberg and Professor Sayjel Vijay Patel said at the global launch: “We are excited to introduce Digital Blue Foam at this year’s Graphisoft conference where the world’s AEC opinion leaders have gathered.

01 - "Digital Blue Foam is the best feasibility study software we know" - Takenaka Corporation. All rights reserved.

01 – “Digital Blue Foam is the best feasibility study software we know” – Takenaka Corporation. All rights reserved.

The AEC industry is not efficient and uses only a fraction of the data available at the early design stage. Determining the brief, building massing, unit-mix, access, solar, access, orientation, requires many manual design iterations. Troves of relevant site and construction data are available online. The task of researching and translating this data into a building proposal remains time-consuming and too often guided by the architect’s intuition rather than science and method. Digital Blue Foam can be used in these situations to quickly develop and visualize economically and environmentally viable solutions which cater to local needs and demands.”

Peter Temesvari, director of product management at Graphisoft, said: “The connection of this game-changing generative design tool is a prime example of our OPEN BIM philosophy, which allows users to connect different tools to ARCHICAD easily, increasing design quality and design speed at the same time.”

Key Features and Benefits of Digital Blue Foam

  • DATA-DRIVEN FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS – Digital Blue Foam uses contextual data gathered from the web to inform the design process and improve design outcomes by “foregrounding” decisions related to livability, construction cost, and environmental performance early in the design process.
  • BIM AUTOMATION – Digital Blue Foam’s proprietary API allows designs created on the web to be automatically streamed to BIM,  reducing time for a design study by 50-98% based on initial user testing.
  • WEB-BASED GENERATIVE DESIGN – Rather than become expert 3D modelers, designers now can steer the design process, and instantly output design studies using the generative design functions implemented with Digital Blue Foam.

Cross-platform integration

Digital Blue Foam aims to provide a web-based, centralized, user-friendly platform that is accessible to and usable by designers and non-designers. It will integrate all sustainability considerations under one roof and allow for cross-platform integration.

After the early stage of design, the proposal can then be taken offline for further development, where again the majority of the work is automated through Digital Blue Foam’s desktop application. For designers, architects, and developers, who often need to work together to make a high-rise project a reality, Digital Blue Foam will save considerable time and lead to superior results.

About Digital Blue Foam

Digital Blue Foam is a Singapore-based company that develops tools to help designers and non-designers hunt and gather web-based information, generate design options, and automate BIM production directly in the browser.

Digital Blue Foam is founded by Camiel Weijenberg, a Dutch architect, designer and scholar of London’s Architectural Association, and Sayjel Vijay Patel, a Canadian architect, software designer, and founding Assistant Professor at the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation with a Master of Architecture from the MIT School of Architecture and Planning. (

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