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CAD News: Corel Corp. Releases CorelCAD 2019 for Mac and Windows

Delivering new options and deep control, CorelCAD 2019 offers robust (.dwg) native 2d-3d CAD capabilities on both macOS and Windows at an affordable price, with unique integration into Corel’s legendary CorelDRAW line of apps.


Corel Corporation, the makers of the popular CorelDRAW line of graphics applications, has announced the release of CorelCAD 2019 for Mac and Windows. The latest version offers users additional power features in the areas of 3D CAD modeling and 2D CAD drawing production, serving both AEC and MCAD industries with native (.dwg) based CAD system that reads and writes the latest AutoCAD® file format.

What’s New in CorelCAD 2019

The latest version of CorelCAD offers users new features such as the latest AutoCAD® file format interoperability (support for AutoCAD 2018), new digital signature support, and new licensing options for its desktop and mobile version.

A big new feature is “CustomBlock” support. CustomBlocks enable users to maximize the use of repetitive elements in their CAD file in a way that leverages rules and constraints, particularly with respect to grip points. These additions strengthen existing Block commands in CorelCAD 2019.

New 3D Features

Another update important to Corel users, in particular, is new 3D Push and Pull functions. Unlike most other CAD programs based on ARES technology by Graebert, CorelCAD’s users are more actively involved in 3D CAD. The new Push and Pull command works similarly to other technology in popular modelers like SketchUp. Selecting a face highlights that face when in the command, allowing the user to then push or pull that face backward or forward and with numerical precision. Another new addition in this year’s release is new PolySolid command, helping users create solid primitives from scratch rather than relying on polysolid basics from the toolbar. This new feature enables the fast creation of 3D walls for AEC users, though they are not intelligent wall elements like in a BIM program, but rather walls like in SketchUp.

01 – The new Push and Pull commands add to CorelCAD 2019’s new 3D features.

Other new 3D features include new Chamfer Edges commands and importantly for existing CorelCAD users in manufacturing and product design, new STL Import. Previously, the last release of CorelCAD supported STL Export.

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“This helps close the 3D printing production loop for CorelCAD users,” says Klaus Vossen, senior product manager at Corel Corporation. STL (.stl) file format is the de facto format for 3D printers and CorelCAD 2019 now allows users to download these types of file types from sources on the Web as well as from more high-end MCAD programs in various engineering workflows.

New 2D Features

There are several new productivity enhancements and new features in version 2019 as well. There is a brand new Layer Palette offering new functionality and a cleaner more accessible user interface. A new MergeLayer command allows users to quickly merge a series of selected layers into a single layer—useful for overall layer management and cleaning up files that contain too many layers once an import has taken place. You can also delete redundant layers within the new Layer Manager.

02 – CorelCAD 2019’s new CustomBlock functionality offers rules and constraints within a (.dwg) based CAD system utilizing the familiar “Block” functionality.

Corel has also added selection and preview highlighting, in an orange color that helps users quickly see which elements are about to be selected or have been selected. CorelCAD 2019 supports 4K displays and offers additional streamlining of the overall UI. Additionally, CorelCAD 2019 runs on the very latest of the shipping operating systems by Apple and Microsoft (macOS and Windows).

New this year are subscriptions from both the Mac App Store and the Microsoft Store. Previously, only the Mac Store was supported. From these stores, users can buy either monthly or annual subscription licenses or they can buy perpetual licenses from Corel or via their worldwide network of resellers.

Pricing and Availability

CorelCAD 2019 is available now in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian-Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Pricing is USD 699/EUR 829.99/GBP 799 for the full version and USD 199/EUR 239.99/GBP 232.99 for the upgrade. UK and Euro prices include VAT. Education and volume licenses are available.

CorelCAD 2019 is also offered via subscription from the Mac App Store and for the first time, will be available on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10. Monthly subscriptions are priced at $34.99 USD and an annual subscription is available for the equivalent of just $25.00 USD per month. Please check regional app stores for local pricing.

To learn more about CorelCAD visit here.

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