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Ultimate List of 3D Applications for the Apple Mac Platform

Architosh continues on with one of its biggest special projects in years that hails back to the site’s origins—the creation of the world’s biggest list of 3D software applications written for the Mac (Macintosh) platform.

IN THIS LIST, we have over 114 macOS native or cloud-based 3D applications that readers can put to use across a vast array of industries and specialty roles in numerous workflows. Nearly all the apps are truly native macOS written apps, with few cloud-based acceptions, and most of the apps are written also for Linux along with Windows, particularly in the animation, visual effects and compositing segment (list).


Just like our Ultimate Guide series on “CAD” apps for macOS, released on 11 Dec 2017, this Ultimate LIst is focused on providing value to those in search of, researching on, testing, demoing, and implementing Mac 3D software into various industry workflows or pipelines. High-value to readers is found herein in these organized lists and guides:

  1. Alphabetical-based Lists — complete listings in “alphabetical order” to aid search.
  2. Industry-centric Lists — designed to aid research, demonstrate comprehensiveness or lack-thereof.
  3. Industry-leading Workflows — designed to provide detailed Add-On lists and information on apps that commonly work together.
  4. “Must-Have” Top Apps Lists and Articles — break-down articles that discuss the apps that all users must have in particular industry workflows.
  5. Software Portfolio Spec Sheets — a new type of post that provides comprehensive history, details, performance, and interoperability specifications on a specific app.

These five (5) major components will develop over time and constitute the ultimate information resource for Mac 3D applications across all types of industries and specialties.

The Indices (WIP Release 1)

The complete Ultimate List of 3D Applications for the Apple Mac Platform will be indexed entirely from this master index page and it is a work in progress (WIP).

This page will be updated periodically. (grey items are forthcoming…)

INDEX 01:  A complete “alphabetical-ordered” listing of all Mac 3D Apps


INDEX 02:  Industry-centric Listing of Mac 3D Apps


INDEX 03: Industry-leading Workflows

  • coming….


INDEX 04:  “Must-have” top apps lists—a shortcut to the top apps in macOS 3D

  • coming….


INDEX 05:  A listing of Software Portfolio Spec Sheets

  • coming…


Growing This List

We will continue to grow these lists and guides in the fullness of time, to make sure we have covered the entire industry as it exists. If you have any ideas about these lists please drop us a note at [email protected]

main App Guides page:


List Update Log

(latest release dated up top)

9 Oct 2018 — Creation date


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