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AIA2018: Autodesk to Introduce BIM 360 Design at AIA 2018

Autodesk will demonstrate the power of cloud-connected design through its BIM 360 platform as it advances BIM 360 Design at AIA 2018 next week.


As noted in Architosh’s feature article on common data environments (CDE’s) for the AEC market, and architects, in particular, Autodesk’s BIM 360 is a leading contender for comprehensive cloud-based CDE toolsets for design, engineering, and construction professionals and their stakeholders.

At AIA 2018 next week Autodesk will introduce BIM 360 Design.

Why BIM 360 Design—The Era of Connected BIM

The latest AIA Firm Survey Report shows that Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been nearly universally adopted by large architecture firms in the United States, while a majority of medium-sized practices have also adopted BIM.

But the next stage in the industry is utilizing the cloud to connect BIM data sets across the project and lifecycle, increasing team collaboration work cycles, optimizing designs, and providing anytime, anywhere access to AEC project data.

02 – Autodesk’s BIM 360 platform is a CDE (common data environment) solution for the entire design, construct, and operate lifecycle of buildings.

At the 2018 AIA National Convention next week, Autodesk will demonstrate its latest Connected BIM technologies with a focus on BIM 360.

Cloud Collaboration for Design Teams

Autodesk BIM 360 is the company’s common data platform for design and construction. CDE’s, as they are more commonly called, drive at lost efficiencies by bringing the entire project’s data from multiple participants into a common environment in the cloud. Previously known as Collaboration for Revit, BIM 360 Design provides cloud-based Revit work-sharing, design collaboration, and data management capabilities to design teams. In particular, Autodesk Revit users can use BIM 360 Design to co-author shared models in the cloud, making it easier to collaborate across multiple offices, disciplines, and on joint-venture projects.

01 – An image of design collaboration space inside Autodesk BIM 360 Design.

“AECOM’s Building and Places team deployed Autodesk’s BIM 360 in the design and engineering of a major healthcare project saving millions of dollars because of advanced collaboration well before ground was even broken,” said Russ Dalton, Americas director of building information modeling at AECOM.  “The use of BIM allows on-going, real-time collaboration for digital design coordination reviews – saving many hours of time for all stakeholders, keeping teams focused on critical design challenges, and setting up contractors and owners for success. Autodesk’s BIM 360 is a game-changer for AECOM and the industry.”

Architosh Analysis and Commentary

On the Architosh INSIDER section of our site, one can find the Ultimate List of CDE (Common Data Environment) Apps for Architects feature article. That list of CDEs addresses each solution across a core set of criteria. Chief among that criteria are if a solution is BS1192 compliant or close to being compliant with the British standard related to BIM industry in the United Kingdom. 

We see a developing pressure in some segments of the industry for BS1192 compliance as it relates to documentation and status or stages of data. It is not clear yet if the US market will trend towards such a standard. As noted in our CDE List article, BIM 360 supports “model aggregation”, a value-add to AEC teammates reviewing BIM models. We look forward to learning more at AIA 2018 next week about where this CDE is going. 

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