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French-based RealCADD gets update—Now at version 4.8

French-based RealCADD—a cross-platform 2D CAD system—has advanced to version 4.8. Now supports Apple’s Retina Displays.


RealCADD is native macOS, Windows and Linux 2D CAD system that has been around since the earliest days of Architosh. Developed by French software developer Eric Pousse, a distinguishing aspect to RealCADD is that it is developed using the cross-platform development originally known as RealBasic by Real Software, Inc., a Austin, Texas, based software company. In 2013 Real Software changed its name to Xojo, Inc., to better represent its mission and truly own a unique name.

Xojo as an acronym stands for “x-platform object orientation,” meaning x as in variable or many platforms. The IDE (integrated development environment) is well known for its ease-of-use and for rapid app development and counts Apple, NASA, Google and other tech giants among its customers.

RealCADD — Works like MacDraw

RealCADD being based on Xojo means that it runs on all three major desktop operating systems (mac, Windows, Linux). It is the only CAD system we know of built using Xojo. The developer says that RealCADD essentially works like the most famed of all graphics apps on the Mac—MacDraw.

01 – RealCADD version 4.8 is now available. Low-cost 2D CAD system works across all three major desktop OSs.

The difference is that unlike MacDraw it has many more functions than MacDraw ever had, including working with Autodesk DXF files (import/export) and working in higher degrees of accuracy befitting of a true CAD program. RealCADD is also a true WYSIWYG application, unlike AutoCAD of the past.

No Paper Space and Model Space

Like the canvas environments of true old-school Mac graphics software, RealCADD doesn’t feature the AutoCAD-like paper-space/model-space model. You draw like you would on paper at the scale you want to draw at.

We will not give a complete run-down of RealCADD’s features but it bears noting that RealCADD allows its users to create their own tools using a scripting language. (see image 02).

New in Version 4.8

RealCADD version 4.8 is now optimized for Apple Retina displays or high-resolution support. There is a new menu “Config Layers” that is also accessible in the context menu (right-click) of the drawing, to more quickly configure layer combinations.

02 – Users can create custom tools in RealCADD by scripting them.

There is also a new Paste Special function to place objects in relation to the drawing, and a new option for the selection rectangle (arrow tool) to allow selection “In” or “In/Cut” functions. Also when creating a line, you can directly edit the length by starting to type a number (or, =, +, -, /, etc keys). And when creating circles and ellipses you can switch the mode from “enclosing rectangle” to “center and radius” mode on the fly.

These and some other small adjustments and optimizations round out the updates to version 4.8 of RealCADD.

Language Support and Costs

RealCADD is available in English, German, and French for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Its files are fully compatible with iPocketDraw, a sister CAD product for iPad and iPhone.

RealCADD can be demoed prior to purchase here and its cost is $75.USD.


Reader Comments

  1. Posted by:
    Salvatore Monella
    March 15, 2018 08:36 pm EDT

    75 dollars for this antiquated piece of junk?

    What other good jokes do you know?

  2. Posted by:
    Salvatore Monella
    March 15, 2018 08:41 pm EDT

    Whoops! Advertising masquerading as a review – didn’t notice that till just now.

  3. Salvatore, this is not a review in any sense of the word. You should read our actual product reviews to see the difference in depth of information, visuals, etc. Our actual reviews also provide Recommendations and Pros and Cons sections dedicated to helping readers make pre-purchase decisions.

    Also, there is absolutely zero masquerading of any kind (your implication in words) going on at Architosh. We strictly conform to the terms of our Ethics statement, Terms of Use and Disclaimer statements. We encourage you to read them (see footer below).

    Lastly, it’s important to note that we publish news sent to us, not on the basis of whether the software is highly rated or poorly rated (by us or others) but on a fair and open policy of publishing all news on products in the CAD/BIM/3D spaces that work on Apple’s platforms.

  4. Salvatore,
    I am always surprised by the comments like yours containing a hint of jealousy and rancor.
    Do you use a CAD software that is several hundred dollars (or more) and whose purchase you regret?
    Does anyone force you to buy RealCADD? No
    Yes RealCADD has existed for a long time and it is always improved and maintained.
    And some people have been using it for many years and are very happy with it.
    Especially since they do not have to pay subscription or update.
    We do not all have the same needs to make our drawings.
    You are also very unfair to who publishes the information that I have transmitted to them, for free, only to inform their readers.

  5. Salvatore – what a totally ridiculous and ignorant comment. RealCADD is not antiquated, not a piece of junk, nor is it expensive. Anyone even marginally experienced in 2D CAD – which obviously you are not – would realize this.

    I’ve been using CAD on a Mac professionally since the mid-1980’s (MacDraw, ClarisCad, TurboCAD etc) and now RealCADD for the last 10 years. RealCADD has developed over that time to be a very sophisticated and deeply featured 2D CAD program – certainly the equal of any on the market, and better than most.

    I for one am grateful to the developer for the continued development of the program and its excellence.

  6. Posted by:
    Salvatore Monella
    March 18, 2018 02:18 pm EDT

    Allow me to demonstrate just how near-sighted your opinions here are.

    Visit this page, and read about what you can get for free, including all the source code:

    Pretty much every one of them makes RealCADD look like a rotting pile of garbage.

  7. The thing about most of the programs in the opensource article you quote is that they are essentially autocad clones and as such are inconvenient, slow and clunky to a Mac user.

    Certainly LibreCAD – the only one of the bunch that I have used – is like that. Nice program, tons of features of course but very slow and non-intuitive in the Mac environment. RealCADD can do everything that LibreCAD can do, just faster, more easily, more smoothly and following normal Mac protocols.

    And I for one, don’t actually want a free program with all the uncertainty of continuity that goes with it. And I seriously don’t want basically a Windows style clunker ported to the Mac.

    Cheers – George

  8. Posted by:
    Salvatore Monella
    March 28, 2018 04:08 pm EDT

    Thanks for demonstrating the breadth and depth of your knowledge of CADD.

    One of the programs predates AutoCAD (developed and used by the US military), and another is a full-blown competitor to SolidWorks, Inventor, SolidEdge, Creos, Seimens NS, and CATIA.

    The most-pathetic part of your comments, is that what the author of ‘RealCADD’ seems to be doing for the most-part is imitating features that were added to AutoCAD 20 years ago.

    How sad.

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