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Autodesk Intros AutoCAD 2019—New Industry Toolsets, Flexible Licensing and new Web Version

Autodesk simplifies AutoCAD 2019 into one license, many apps, experience, giving users much more freedom across tools and devices.


Autodesk this week announced AutoCAD 2019, a set of Windows and Mac desktop applications, new industry toolsets, all new web and mobile versions and new flexible licensing.

AutoCAD 2019—Just One Product

Autodesk has announced the unification of AutoCAD, the world’s best-known CAD program. For those who subscribe to AutoCAD 2019, they gain access, with just one license, to both the Windows and Mac versions of AutoCAD, seven new industry toolsets, and new mobile and web versions of AutoCAD.

The new industry toolsets include Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, MEP, Plant 3D, Map 3D, and Raster Design. These industry toolsets provide users with over 750,000 intelligent objects, styles, parts, symbols, and features to choose from when drawing their designs.

For example, when using the Architecture toolset, users can create a door in just three steps where it previously took five in vanilla AutoCAD.

01 – Autodesk has introduced AutoCAD 2019 with all new seven industry toolsets and new mobile and web versions. (image: Autodesk / Architosh. All rights reserved).

Other highlights of the Toolsets include noting that there are over 8,000 intelligent architectural objects and styles to speed up drawings for architecture. The Mechanical toolset consists of a whopping 700,000 intelligent manufacturing parts, features, and symbols.

AutoCAD Web App

A subscription to AutoCAD 2019 or AutoCAD LT 2019 provides access to the all-new AutoCAD web app and AutoCAD mobile app. AutoCAD had a mobile version before but this is a new version. The new web version—featured at—enables the user to access AutoCAD directly in your browser. This version of AutoCAD is different than the desktop version, wholly written to leverage modern web app architecture and provide users a subset of key features.

02 – Autodesk’s new AutoCAD web app shown here on the Mac platform. The app requires Chrome. (image: Autodesk / Architosh. All rights reserved).

These key features include core 2D drafting and editing tools, Xref support, and layer management. There is no command line in the web version, but there may be in the future, says Autodesk.

AutoCAD Mobile App

The new mobile app enables users to view, edit, create and share CAD drawings anywhere at anytime. Users can also download DWG files to their mobile device when they anticipate no WiFi support. AutoCAD Mobile is optimized for use on the iPhone X, iPad Pro, and Windows Surface devices.

A new feature to help folks work seamlessly across devices is called “Save To Web & Mobile” and “Open From Web & Mobile” from the desktop AutoCAD.

Other New Features

New in version 2019 is DWG Compare. This new feature, also in LT, helps users graphically compare two versions of the same drawing or xref. One can view changes made between two versions with code-coding. Revision clouds automatically can appear around such changes.

03 – AutoCAD 2019’s new DWG compare feature color highlights changes between two drawings or xrefs. (image: Autodesk / Architosh. All rights reserved).

A new powerful upgrade in collaboration is called Shared Views, which let the user send a view of a drawing with a single link the receiver clicks on. Rather than creating PDFs or DWF files and emailing such documents, Shared Views appear in any modern browser and the receiver can annotate (comment) on the drawing. The comments then appear back in the original AutoCAD file.

AutoCAD 2019 features a big 2D performance boost. Autodesk developers have invested in streamlining performance so that draw change order, zooming, panning and changing layer properties, particularly in large drawings, is much faster. Finally, the icons in the app have been redone to a “flat design” look, more common with today’s mobile app world. They dynamically resize based on a person’s computer screen resolution.

Learning More

To learn more about the new AutoCAD 2019, visit this link here. Subscriptions for AutoCAD 2019 are $1,575.USD per year or $195.USD monthly. A three-year subscription is $4,725.USD.


Reader Comments

  1. Hoping that the mobile editions handle DWG’s better than in the past.

  2. Gionni,
    In this second article on Architosh there is a discussion about fundamentally new technology that forms an “AutoCAD engine,” if you will, and so the core code base in 2019 on the desktop is not just behind the Mac version or the new web version but should also be behind the mobile version. Not sure if you are using Android or iOS but give it a read. It looks like going forward there will be more common code and hopefully this helps with the issues you are referring to.

  3. Sad that they’re charging nearly $2,300 more for the subscription version.

  4. Mike, I am curious how you are calculating that.

  5. […] si apprende nell’articolo di […]

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