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Vectorworks Cloud Wins Cloud Based Technology of the Year

Vectorworks’s cloud technology has garnered a Hammers Award by Construction Computing Magazine at its annual AEC technology award gala in the UK.


Known in the UK AEC industry as “The Hammers,” the Construction Computing Awards showcase and reward the leading technology and solutions for the effective design, construction, and facilities management and maintenance of the built environment of all sizes.

This year Vectorworks Cloud was the named Cloud-Based Technology of the Year 2017. Vectorworks Architect software was also named runner-up for the Architectural Design Software of 2017 Award.

Vectorworks’ Cloud Wins

“Leveraging the power of cloud computing is a huge productivity improvement, saving hundreds of hours a year,” said Lyuben Hadzhipopov, cloud infrastructure manager at Vectorworks. “Before the Cloud, computational-intensive tasks like photo-realistic rendering could take hours and sometimes even days. This would cause huge delays in work productivity as designers waited for these tasks to complete. By subbing these tasks to the Cloud, the web can handle processing, leaving your local machine free so work and collaboration can continue as planned.”

01 – Vectorworks Cloud Services (VCS) is a cloud-computing offering from Vectorworks, Inc.

Vectorworks 2018, recently released improves the company’s cloud services even further as designers and architects can now utilize Google Drive in addition to Dropbox, which was previously available. There are also new features in the portal that aid file organization, along with easier-to-use sharing interface features.

Looking forward, Vectorworks is investigating new innovations to bring to its Cloud Services, like augmented reality capabilities and other collaborative capabilities…

The 2018 version of Vectorworks Cloud Services can also generate Web View Virtual Reality links of files in the cloud and can allow designers to render a 360-degree pano view of any 3D model. That rendered view can then be shared by sending a link to the rendered view to clients and stakeholders who can view it on the computer, tablet or smartphone.

“Looking forward, Vectorworks is investigating new innovations to bring to its Cloud Services, like augmented reality capabilities and other collaborative capabilities, which would give Vectorworks users new ways to interact with stakeholders in the design and construction process,” said Hadzhipopov.

02 – The Add Integrations button in Vectorworks Cloud Services UI shows Dropbox and Google Drive options.

The winners were announced at the twelfth annual gala event at the Radisson Blu Edwardian in Bloomsbury, London. Over 220 guests came to see the result of the readers’ online voting and judging panel’s considerations. A full list of the award winners can be found here. Videos and photos of the gala will be available soon, and there will be a full round-up of the evening with a mention of Cloud Services in the November/December 2017 issue of Construction Computing Magazine.

Architosh Analysis & Commentary

With the emerging battle to dominate AEC markets with a CDE (common data environment) tool that both the construction side and the design-engineering side can both learn to love, increasingly we expect to see big improvements in both globally targeted CDE solutions—those solutions aimed at the whole of AEC—as well as in more vertical and product-centric cloud solutions like Vectorworks Cloud Services.

The Key Takeaways

  • Users should expect to see increasing computational heavy workloads be offloaded from LANs and into the cloud. In this news, the company has hinted at future AR capabilities.
  • In addition, while product-centric cloud solutions dovetail with broader global cloud storage solutions like Dropbox, in the future these solutions may begin to dovetail with leading CDE solutions perhaps at the application level first. Architects may prefer to utilize a native product-based cloud solution but also simultaneously required to work on projects that have mandated CDE-driven workflows. This overlap is an opportunity for companies like Vectorworks, Inc., as they can reduce friction and time in these processes.
  • In reference to the last note, the latest 2018 version of Vectorworks Cloud Services at the UI level features an Add Integration button, currently used for integration of Dropbox or Google Drive. We can see these integrations growing.





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