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GRAPHISOFT Announces ‘ARCHICAD-To-Bluebeam Revu’ Connectivity

GRAPHISOFT establishes its first key link between its leading BIM software solution for architects and designers and Bluebeam Revu, the market-leading collaboration software used by big construction firms in the United States and abroad.


ARCHICAD can now talk to Bluebeam in a more established way, thanks to a new ARCHICAD-To-Bluebeam Revu connectivity announced this week by the Budapest-based global BIM leader. The new technical collaboration will improve collaboration across project stakeholders, from the architects designing the building, the engineers designing its systems, and the contractors implementing its construction.

New Dedicated Bluebeam Connection

The new connectivity between the two software systems will enable professionals across the AEC segments to collaborate with each other, particular architect to the contractor, the primary users of Bluebeam Revu.

The capability will enable any markup created in Revu to be imported as a native ARCHICAD markup entry, automatically appearing in the correct location on the design model without manual intervention. This significantly speeds up the processing of RFIs and RFCs. ARCHICAD 21 is the first BIM authoring tool that supports complete round-trip workflows between architects and project stakeholders who are reviewing the published documentation with Bluebeam Revu.

01 – The new ARCHICAD to Bluebeam Connection. Demo video is linked in the article below.

“ARCHICAD 21 users can now benefit from a seamless link between the leading architectural BIM software and Bluebeam Revu, the number one PDF-based collaboration solution for the construction industry, improving productivity and saving time as a result,” said Monte Chapin, Senior BIM Consultant, GRAPHISOFT North America.

“Bluebeam Revu speeds up the design process by allowing project partners to markup and collaborate on the same documents in real time,” said Don Jacob, Bluebeam Chief Technical Officer. “The interaction between ARCHICAD and Revu will enable tighter integration from design to build and back into the design model, accelerating project lifecycles, reducing risk and creating efficiencies on projects that leverage both solutions.”

More Details

ARCHICAD also offers a dedicated “Bluebeam Connection” palette that provides direct access to the most commonly used features during the review process. While the palette is available by default in the ARCHICAD 21 USA Update 2 version, users of other local versions of ARCHICAD Update 2 are invited to download the link.

For more information about the Bluebeam Connection, please click here.



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