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First Architects Using reMarkable Tablet—Digital Paper Revolution?

Will the reMarkable digital-paper based tablet catch on with architects who love to sketch?



We are not sure what the answer is quite yet. Earlier Architosh wrote about the new wunderkind on the tablet block—reMarkable. The Norwegian device company (they are based in Olso, Norway) has had stellar press coverage on their “distraction-free” device…a device made for “paper lovers” as they refer to them.

Architects Embracing reMarkable Tablet

reMarkable is for reading, writing, and sketching, says the company.

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But it is the sketching part that is going to be the magic for architects and similar design professionals. While their marketing and demo shots on the website show artists drawings, we were happy to see some Scandinavian architecture firm already in possession of the tablet and using it.

01 – architects are starting to possess and use the reMarkable tablet.

Leaving a single image on their Instagram account with the hashtag #remarkablepaper and #tablet the image shows what is possible but only just the beginning, we imagine. And we won’t have to imagine too much longer at Architosh. A unit has already arrived and we will publish a detailed review of the reMarkable tablet, as a device for architectural practice, in the next coming weeks.

In the meantime, readers can check out images at reMarkable’s Instagram here or visit them online.




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