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Autodesk BUILD Space in Boston Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Autodesk celebrates one year of “future of making things” in its innovative Autodesk BUILD Space in Boston.


Autodesk’s BUILD space in Boston is a cutting-edge lab and prototyping manufacturing space for next-generation makers, fabricators, artists and design professionals of all types.


More than 75 project research teams from academia, industry, and a select few of the most courageous architecture, engineering, and construction startup companies in the world, have chosen to explore new terrain in the BUILD Space.

The BUILD Space is all about the “future of making things.” Research and development teams grab spots in the lab for short periods of time where they can utilize and test ideas using cutting-edge robotic machinery, laser cutters and scanners, 3D VR/AR hardware, and all manner of maker machinery including advanced industrial robots that, for the most part, along with the robots, are all computer-controlled or driven.

01 – The Autodesk BUILD Space in Boston, a next-generation lab for the future of making things.

To celebrate the first anniversary of the BUILD space Autodesk has written an interesting blog post about the space and its purpose and short history. You can check that out here.

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