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Graebert Announces ARES Commander 2018—Native DWG CAD On Every Platform

ARES Commander 2018 is unveiled in Berlin, Germany, today at Annual Meeting event.


The distinguishing aspect of Germany’s ARES Commander CAD platform is that it runs on all three major desktop operating systems and both iOS and Android for mobile. It is the ultimate in CAD device coverage.

Today from its Annual Meeting event in Berlin, where senior associate editor, Pete Evans, is in attendance, the global DWG CAD leader is unveiling a plethora of news. Let’s look at what is being shown and announced in Berlin.

New Features in Desktop Version of ARES Commander 2018

Graebert is allowing a pre-release version of the new ARES Commander 2018, just for Windows at the moment but this is a native DWG 2/3D CAD platform that rivals Autodesk’s AutoCAD and runs across Windows, Mac, and Linux.

01 – ARES Commander 2018 was unveiled today in Berlin, Germany at Graebert’s Annual Meeting conference.

Graebert calls its technology the ARES Trinity of CAD for a single license means a user can run ARES Commander on three major desktop operating systems, the only two mobile operating systems that mattter—iOS and Android—and through web browsers via ARES Kudo. A single flexible licensing system lets the user move freely from different devices and operating systems. We will touch more on Kudo and Touch in another article so let’s go through the new features in ARES Commander 2018

The Details

  • DWG 2018 File Format Support — the big news is this release can read DWG files up to the very latest version of the format (R2018) and can write DWG files up to the next latest version (R2013). The same applies to DXF, which store the drawing database contents unencrypted.
  • Helix — this is a new feature that creates 2D sprials and 3D helixes.
  • Block Commands — contains more tools for Blocks and BlockAtributes.
  • RedefineBasePoint — this new command sets a new base point for blocks.
  • BlockAttributeManager — manages properties and settings of BlockAtributes Block definitions.
  • MultiLeader — creates MultiLeaders based on the MultiLeaderStyles.
  • EditMultiLeader — adds and removes leader lines for MultiLeaders.
  • MultiLeaderStyle — creates and manages MultiLeaderStyles.
  • ExportTable — exports tables in a comma separated format (CSV) to import them into a spreadsheet or database.
  • Formulas in table cells — this new capability lets the user input cells with arithmetic operators and the Sum, Average, and Count functions yield results.
  • UIStyle — this is the command that switches between the dark and light UI theme. The dark theme was originally introduced on the ARES Kudo product.
  • Moving entities incrementally — this moves selected entities according to a specified increment when you use the Shift + Arrow keys. You can also Copy entities to the active layer instead of the source layer while using the Copy command. Or you can paste content from the clipboard to the active layer.
  • Dynamic Custom Coordinate System — temporarily aligns the XY plane of the Custom Coordinate System (CCS) with a face on a 3D solid object when you create 2D and 3D entities.
  • Extended 3D solid editing using EntityGrip and the Properties palette — provides more EntityGrips to modify 3D solid objects. The properties palette provides more parameters to manipulate 3D solid objects.

There are also new system variables.

  • CMLEADERSTYLE — sets the current MultiLeaderStyle for the new MultiLEader entities.
  • MLEADERSCALE — sets the general scale factor applied on MultiLeader entities.
  • UCSDETECT — controls whether the custom coordinate system aligns dynamically to 3D solid objects.
  • COLORTHEME — sets the dark or light theme for the user interface.

The Structure of ARES Licenses

It bears repeating that a single license of ARES Commander 2018 contains access to ARES Touch and ARES Kudo so subscribers can enjoy associated mobile and web-based solutions as part of the Trinity of CAD model. With more than 150 CAD features, ARES Touch is the most advanced mobile CAD solution available anywhere for both Android and Apple iOS.

02 – The newly unveiled ARES Commander 2018 runs native DWG CAD on your Mac, Windows or Linux computer on desktops and laptops.

ARES Kudo is the company’s cloud-based CAD solution for DWG viewing and editing. It runs in modern web browsers on your Mac, Windows or Linux computer via a simple URL. It connects to your documents and syncs with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box but also Onshape or Trimble Connect.

Pricing and Availability

ARES Commander 2018 is available today in a pre-release form for the Windows platform only. Click here for 32-bit Windows and here for 64-bit Windows. The powerful native DWG-based CAD system can be demoed for free for 30 days. The final version of ARES Commander 2018 for Mac, Windows, and Linux will be available sometime in November 2017.

To learn more visit Graebert online here.



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