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The ODA (Open Design Alliance) Releases Teigha BIM 4.3.1

Third-party developers can now export both 2D and 3D geometry to native Revit 2018 files with the latest Teigha BIM SDK from the ODA—expanding interoperability and capacity for CAD and BIM developers.


The Open Design Alliance (ODA) has announced this week the release of version 4.3.1 of the Teigha® BIM 4.3.1 version of its software developer kit (SDK) for Autodesk® Revit files. Version 4.3.1 adds support for the current version of Revit, version 2018 for both .rvt and .rfa files and contains a number of enhancements.

Opening Up Revit Data

The industry consortium responsible for reverse-engineering the Autodesk DWG file format for well over a decade now has also opened up the proprietary Revit file format so that CAD and 3D software companies who are members of the ODA can utilize their SDKs to add critically important interoperability capabilities to their software applications.

01 – Tiegha BIM is the ODA’s latest SDK (software development kit) available to all ODA members at various membership status. The current version is now 4.3.1 and includes support for Revit 2018 files.

“The ability to write arbitrary geometry to a Revit file is an important milestone in our ongoing efforts to provide full support for entity creation,” commented Neil Peterson, ODA President. “With Teigha BIM 4.3.1, client applications can export 3d solid geometry as well as 2d geometry to a Revit file. By Q4 this year, clients will be able to create an initial set of parametric entities.”

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Sergey Vishnevetsky, ODA Development Director, said, “Teigha BIM 4.3.1 also adds support for visual styles and fill patterns for rendering, and Collada import. In addition to freeform and direct shape elements, creation support is available for curves, sketch planes, custom parameters, views and connectors.”

Teigha BIM 4.3.1 is available for download by subscribers at

About the ODA

ODA is a non-profit technical consortium founded in 1998 to provide interoperability solutions and other specialized application development components for the CAD industry. In addition to Teigha BIM, ODA’s flagship product Teigha is an industry standard solution for working with .dwg and .dgn files. Teigha also contains solutions for general-purpose visualization and publishing, CAD editing and cloud application development.

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