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e-on Software’s Release 3 of VUE 2016 and PlantFactory Now Available

E-on Software’s latest Release 3 for VUE 2016 and PlantFactory 2016 now available.


Paris-based 3D software developer, e-on Software, has announced the availability of Release 3 of VUE 2016 and PlantFactory 2016 software. Both software packages are popular solutions for the creation of animations and renderings of natural 3D environments in markets from architectural visualization to computer games and film and broadcast. The free personal learning editions (PLE) trial versions are also immediately available.

Release 3 Products—New Features in VUE

Both product titles are available in International English as well as French and German languages. The Release 3 versions are packed with significant new features.

Release 3 boasts of new UX/UI improvements that address both performance and responsiveness as well as better handling of the Editor window for manipulations. There is also support for HiDPI screens for macOS.

Optimized faster scene saving and new saving models round out performance updates in VUE 2016 Release 3, adding to improvements to its Path Tracer, HDR rendering, and cloud modulation. For example, there is now cloud opacity modulation capabilities. And there is added support for spectral cloud layers.

01 – PlantFactory 2016 Release 3 and VUE 2016 Release 3 are now available from E-on Software.

Finally, other highlights include new support for Autodesk 3ds max 2018, plus optimized spline operations for HeightFields Terrains.

Release 3 Products—New Features in PlantFactory

PlantFactory also sees new UX/UI improvements including improved geometry loading and previewing. There is also better vegetation painting and improved gizmo manipulator interactions.

PlantFactory 2016 Release 3 gains advanced vegetation pruning algorithms and new Cut probability, Cut length, and Radius Reduction parameters. New Current Primitive node allows advanced control over branch growth and natural pruning effects.

Improved geometry transition algorithms and improved exports round out the new features in Release 3 for PlantFactory.


Release 3 (R3) is available as a free software update for all registered users of VUE and PlantFactory 2016.

The 2016 R3 personal learning editions (PLE) and trial versions are also immediately available. Users can download the 2016 R3 PLEss at no charge from

All VUE and PlantFactory 2016 software titles are now available in English, French and German and perform under all versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 (64 bit only), and Mac Intel (64 bit) for MacOSX 10.6+. More information on VUE 2016 and PlantFactory 2016 is available at: and

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