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Autodesk Behind Bipartisan Industry Coalition to Promote Investment in US Infrastructure

Blueprint 2025 is a bipartisan coalition of 100 industry CEOs and public sector representatives—aimed at promoting infrastructure investment in the United States.


Autodesk has announced it is part of a bipartisan coalition of 100 CEOs and public sector representatives who identify and promote increased infrastructure investment in the United States. The recommendations by this coalition are part of an action plan called the Blueprint 2025 Report.

16 Recommendations Implemented by President Trump Administration

President Trump and his administration have strongly advocated for and put into action plans for infrastructure investment in the United States. Of the 19 recommendations inside the Blueprint 2025 Report, the Trump Administration has already implemented 16.

01 – A screen grab from the Blueprint 2025: Visionary Leadership Building Tomorrow’s Opportunities vide shown below.

The Trump Administration continues to advocate for imaginative ways to eliminate regulatory impediments, facilitate private sector investments, and spur productive conservations between the private and public sectors.

The report offers sections on the following areas:

  • Long-term vision
  • Financial & funding strategies
  • Technology revolution
  • Strategic projects
  • Regulatory transformation
  • Global economic transition
  • Public sector leadership
  • Institutional redesign
  • Business model innovation
  • Labor & Training for the infrastructure build
  • Launch of the shadow national infrastructure Council

The coalition has produced several assets including a website here and also a video discussing the goals and purposes of the initiative.

To visit the website go here. You can watch the video below.


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