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SCIA Engineer 17 Released—Productivity Boost for Structural Engineers

The Nemetschek Group’s SCIA subsidiary has unveiled the new SCIA Engineer 17 for the structural engineering analysis and design software market.


SCIA, a Nemetschek Group company, has announced this week the latest version of SCIA Engineer, a structural analysis and design software created to help structural engineers boost their productivity by enabling them to work much faster, and with more precision and transparency in their day-to-day work.

“Structural engineers are under a constant pressure to deliver great and safe results of structural work in the least amount of time possible. This often requires tackling many priorities while being under a lot of stress. We focused this release on relieving some of that pressure and giving structural engineers the tool that truly helps them in their day-to-day work,” said Hilde Sevens, CEO at SCIA.

SCIA 17—A Boost in BIM Features Plus Customer-Led Features

This latest release by SCIA incorporates the top three enhancements collectively selected by SCIA’s customers. The new structural analysis and design software boast improvements including the incorporation of new technologies and added computational power to solve engineering workflows for concrete, steel, composite, load generators and overall usability.

01 – SCIA introduces SCIA Engineer 17 to the AEC software market. New version improves Open BIM features, Allan and Revit integrations and adds dozens of new feature improvements in the areas of concrete, steel, composite structural analysis and design and more. (image: SCIA. All rights reserved.)

Another major improvement area is in the domain of BIM (building information modeling) workflows. There are strengthened connections to Autodesk Revit as well as Nemetschek Allplan. With the former, the Revit link has been upgraded with smart mapping capabilities. With the latter, you can now launch SCIA Engineer 17 directly from within the Allplan menu and with an automatic import of the Allplan model directly into SCIA Engineer 17. Finally, there is support for next generation task management with the connection to Allplan’s bim+ cloud platform.

Powerful Speed-Ups

“Boosted productivity, speed, transparency, precision and economical design – that is what SCIA Engineer 17 stands for,” said Cyril Heck, chief product and marketing officer at SCIA. “We deliver increased speed through both full support of multi-processing in our Eurocodes design and optimization of the workflows. For example, we cut the number of steps needed to calculate long-term deflections from eight to four, saving many unnecessary clicks. In addition, the total calculation of long-term deflections is now 4.3 times faster than in the previous version. In steel design, we implemented the SEMI-COMP+ research for more economical design, saving up to 15 percent of material in slender sections. And those are only a few examples of what SCIA Engineer users can look forward to.”

New Functionalities in SCIA Engineer 17 by Area

Concrete Design:

  • Practical, fast and transparent design workflows for 1D and 2D elements
  • Design and check of punching shear reinforcement for slabs and foundations according to the safety concept of the Eurocode EN 1992-1-1
  • Fast and reliable calculation of code dependent deflections in beams and slabs simultaneously
  • Implemented national annexes for Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain and Cyprus
  • Updated material libraries for British BS EN-NA, Austrian ONORM – EN NA, Irish IS-EN NA and German DIN -EN NA

Steel and Composite Design:

  • Intelligent section classification, even for more complex shapes
  • More economical design for semi-compact steel sections of class 3, based on the SEMI-COMP+ research reports, saving up to 15 percent of material
  • Detailed graphical outputs and customizable reports
  • Support of Westok cellular beams
  • Rigid in-plane diaphragms combined with tributary-area distribution for gravity loads
  • Implementation of new steel codes AISC 360-16 and AISI S100-16 and improved workflow for composite design

Load Generators:

  • Distribution of loads from load panels to supporting beams using Tributary areas method
  • Support of parapets and protruding roofs in the 3D wind load generator

To learn more visit SCIA online here.

About SCIA

Founded in 1974, SCIA has become one of the world’s leading developers of structural design and analysis software that supports the Open BIM process. SCIA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the globally operating Nemetschek Group, a leading global software provider for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction market (AEC). SCIA Engineer is an integrated, multi-material structural analysis and design software for a wide variety of projects: office and residential buildings, industrial plants, bridges, etc. The state-of-the-art software enables modeling, analysis, design, and reporting – all done in one intuitive and easy-to-use environment. SCIA Engineer is powered by our dedication to R&D and innovation, combined with inspiration and input from our customers. SCIA Engineer supports Open BIM and is IFC certified for import and export. To learn more about SCIA, visit

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