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New Courses at ThinkParametric—Next Generation Designer Skills

Algorithmic design online education site, ThinkParametric, has three new courses that teach powerful plugins for the ubiquitous Grasshopper for Rhino.


ThinkParametric, as Architosh has written about before, offers the types of courses that are rooted in the future of design—courses about algorithmic design and computational design thinking.

As such ThinkParametric has three new courses folks may want to tune into.

Course 1—Creating Interfaces for Data Visualization with Human UI for Grasshopper

This course is aimed at teaching folks how to create user interfaces that are approach paths for non-Grasshopper savvy designers who still want to participate in parametric modeling techniques.

Using the Human UI Plug-in, participants create interactive interfaces from Grasshopper definitions.

01 – ThinkParametric has new courses on Grasshopper for designers, including data visualization for Human UI for Grasshopper among others.

Course 2—Anemone 101: Using Loops in Grasshopper

The course looks at the Anemone Plugin for Grasshopper, which allows the user to create “loops” within Grasshopper definitions.

The course isn’t just about the technical setup of the plugin but about offering several case studies where implementing loops may be handy.

Couse 3—View Optimization Using Galapagos for Grasshopper

This is an extension of a course we have written about before. Galapagos is an evolutionary solver that helps the user optimize building shapes according to their views.

It continues from the Galapagos 101 course to a more hands-on case study.

Learning More

To learn more about any of these courses click on the links in this article above. To learn about ThinkParametric, go here.

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