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Autodesk Releases Revit Live 1.8—Now Available to Revit LT 2018 Users

Autodesk advances VR experiences for architects using Revit 2018—reducing the barriers to entry for experiencing high-end VR visualization.


Autodesk continues to advance their Revit Live visualization and experience software service, now integrated into the Revit BIM authoring platform via a one button click.

Revit Live 1.8—Details

Architosh recently had the chance to try Live 1.8 directly at their Boston offices using supported virtual reality head gear (in the author’s case it was the Vive gear). The result of that experience—and the word “experience” is fitting—is that Autodesk is reducing the complexity needed for stakeholders to get inside buildings prior to their designs being finalized or built.

Key Takeaway

Average architects don’t have the software knowledge to create high-end 3D visualizations; architects often don’t have the bandwidth in time to skill-up to acquire these workflows. The one button simplicity of Revit Live aims to address both of these issues. 

From within Autodesk Revit 2018, a single button pushes the BIM model up to the Revit Live cloud where it is processed for viewing. Revit Live 1.8 now allows the user to tell the cloud server to optimize the model for either better visualization appearance or better performance. It also analyzes your hardware and makes a recommendation.

01 - Image of interactive Revit Live 1.7 model by architecture student and beta tester, Igor Macedo Barros Balinese. All rights reserved.

01 – Image of interactive Revit Live 1.8 model by architecture student and beta tester, Igor Macedo Barros Balinese. All rights reserved.

Version 1.8 allows the user to shape their audience’s experience by customizing their navigation through the model. The user can set navigation points, rendering style, and time of day. At that point you can either present the interactive visualization directly from Revit with Live 1.8 or you can share the VR experience via the Autodesk Live Viewer, which is free.

Now with version 1.8, Revit Live service is available for both Revit and Revit 2018.

Some Additional Notes

The GPU hardware needed to power Revit Live 1.8 using either the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift is really the Nvidia GTX 1080 or higher. An Intel Core i7-6700K generation process is also recommended.

You can learn more about Revit Live here.


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