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In-Brief: Vectorworks and solidThinking Upcoming Webinars

Next week both solidThinking, Inc. and Vectorworks, Inc, have some excellent webinar opportunities.


Information Modelings’ Role in Sustainable Design Decisions

Next week the Vectorworks folks have an upcoming webinar titled, “Information Modeling’s Role in Sustainable Design Decisions.”

Scheduled for 23 March, 2017, at 2:00 – 3:00 PM EDT (Thursday), the event excerpt reads:

Every day there is a growing concern for creating a sustainable built environment, meaning designers need to understand how their tools can facilitate responsible decision-making.

The AIA-accredited (1 AIA LU) webinar will be led by longtime Vectorworks expert Wes Gardner, Assoc. AIA, senior architect specialist at Vectorworks, Inc. He will show how to investigate how BIM and SIM applications empower designers to create low-impact projects.  Click here to register for the free webinar now.

Design for the Freedom of Additive Manufacturing

Also next week solidThinking is hosting a free webinar titled, “Design for the Freedom of Additive Manufacturing,” on 21 March 2017, at 2:00 PM EDT. The excerpt reads:

What if you could design the ideal structural part with limited constraints, and use the freedom of complexity that metal 3D printing enables to make that part a reality? Too many structural components are designed with more weight and material than what’s actually required. With new simulation and optimization software, structurally efficient parts are easy to design — saving cost, strengthening durability, and improving safety. And with industrial 3D printing, users can easily and cost-effectively print these parts directly or indirectly in their choice of metal alloys. Learn more.

01 - Vectorworks webinar focuses on BIM and SIM for sustainable design.

01 – Vectorworks webinar focuses on BIM and SIM for sustainable design.

Key Take-Aways include:

  • Learn how to optimization technology coupled with additive manufacturing can significantly amplify the benefits of the manufacturing process
  • Capture the secrets of companies that are using this cutting edge technology today to design stronger, lighter parts
  • See real-world stories of companies taking advantage of this technology

Register now for this excellent webinar event.

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