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Dassault’s Spatial Corp Partners with Distene on 3D Mesh Technology Critical to Simulation

Spatial Corp partners with Distene of France to provide 3D Precise Mesh product, enabling reduced iterative workflows working with CAD-to-mesh procedures in FEA and simulations.


Spatial Corporation is the maker of one of the world’s leading 3D geometry kernels and competes with Parasolid, among others. Its technology is common inside of leading CAD and 3D software applications.

In a news announcement this month, the company announced a partnership with Distene S.A.S., of France, to incorporate that company’s 3D mesh technology into Spatial’s popular software development toolkits (SDKs). The move is specifically aimed at improving the CAD-to-solver process for engineering analysis and simulation solutions.

3D Precise Mesh for FEA Solvers

With this partnership, Spatial will be extending its current mesh offering of 3D Mesh with 3D Precise Mesh. This latter product bridges the gap between CAD systems and simulation and analysis systems. The company reports that in the past users would need to resort to iterative meshing, analysis and design processes that can take weeks to complete. 3D Precise Mesh greatly speeds up these workflows via an automated process while improving the overall quality of the resulting generative design.

01 - Spatial's 3D Precise Mesh incorporates technology from Distene of France.

01 – Spatial’s 3D Precise Mesh incorporates technology from Distene of France. (image: Dassault Systems. All rights reserved.)

“We were looking for a lightweight meshing component to be used in all our finite-element-solvers and decided on components from Distene. Their Tetrahedral meshing technology represents the de facto industry standard,” said Oleg Skipa, Department Manager ‒ Data and Frameworks, Computer Simulation Technology, part of Dassault Systèmes. “We also use Spatial’s 3D ACIS Modeler for our 3D geometry kernel. Crucially these two technologies interface extremely well. Spatial can leverage this mesh technology and provide an integrated solution for customers.”

Parallelized Meshing

The meshing technology can be easily integrated into a software application, giving end users access to a dependable solution, validated via a large and growing database of models. 3D Precise Mesh removes limits to some of the world’s most demanding simulations by providing support for parallelized meshing.

“The CAD-to-solver link has long been a bottleneck in the 3D modeling world that Distene aims at reducing with automatic and industrial-strength meshing technologies,” said Laurent Anné, Sales Director and co-founder of Distene. “This partnership leverages the technological heritage of both Spatial and Distene to provide analysis applications with an efficient CAD-to-solver link that is fast, flexible, and most importantly, delivers the best mesh available for critical simulation workflows.”

02 - 3D Precise Mesh in action in this gif animation.

02 – 3D Precise Mesh in action (image: Dassault Systems. All rights reserved.)

“Our customers are realizing incredible results through simulation and analysis of 3D models, delivering the applications that empower designers to create superior products, sooner, at lower costs. These analysis workflows necessitate surface and volume meshes that are precise, fast and crafted to optimize the solver’s numerical analysis results,” said Brian Rohde, Senior Product Manager responsible for 3D Modeling, Spatial. “Through this partnership, our CGM Core Modeler and 3D ACIS Modeler customers can deliver best-in-class meshing solutions to their end users today. Because of our expertise in 3D modeling and this collaboration with Distene, we look forward to helping our customers continue evolving their applications with 3D Precise Mesh.”


Spatial’s 3D Precise Mesh is immediately available to ISVs and developers. Incorporation of this technology in end-user programs should emerge as ISVs update their core SDK technology stacks in product updates. To learn more visit here. 

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