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Webinar: Fire Investigation with Advanced Technology from OrthoGraph

Fire investigation professionals can learn now to make accurate floor plans, measure as you go, get instant calculations on damaged surfaces, add annotations or labels to documents to everything you need on site—all in one app!


Fire investigation is a complex activity: the determination of all important details is a long and complicated process. As fires can be caused by many sources, a lot of aspects should be taken into consideration, like building construction, electricity, use scenarios, outside forces, mechanical devices, et cetera.

Fire investigators have to collect all circumstantial evidence of the fire, find and document all valuable information, and produce standards-compliant reports for their jurisdictions and agencies.

Solving the Complexity of Fire Investigations

This complex process can be very long and exhausting —we know it, that’s why we developed our building survey software, OrthoGraph I, which makes many important steps available in one app! While OrthoGraph I is highly useful for AEC professionals like builders, architects, and engineers, it is also useful for adjacent professionals like fire and emergency response professionals and their inspectors.

01 - webinar for fire inspectors for AEC industry.  Orthography I is professional tool useful to inspectors of buildings.

01 – webinar for fire inspectors for AEC industry. Orthography I is a  professional tool useful to inspectors of buildings.

Readers can take part in an informative webinar on 25 January 2017, 3:30 pm CET, where they can learn more about OrthoGraph I, the professional building survey app. See how the application works, learn more about all functions which can make a fire investigation more accurate and easy.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Peter Mansi, Forensic Fire Investigator FI-UK

The presenter guest is Dr. Peter Mansi, Forensic Fire Investigator FI-UK, who will demonstrate how OrthoGraph I can be used during fire investigation, which is the most beneficial functions during his work, and OrthoGraph I makes his work easier (

Seminar Details

Take part in the webinar and get a chance to win an annual OrthoGraph I subscription and a Leica Disto D2. The winner will be announced on 1 February on our Facebook and Twitter page, and OrthoGraph will send an email for the winner, as well.

To learn more visit OrthoGraph online or webinar details here.