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Arnold and RenderMan Now Supported in Elementacular 1.5 Update for Autodesk Maya

Add amazing cloud forms to Autodesk Maya using Elementacular 1.5 with support for Arnold and Pixar RenderMan renderers for your final image output.


Elementacular is a plugin application for Autodesk’s Maya 3d software package and what it does specifically is add cloud shapes through Maya mesh operations.

Elementacular 1.5 for Maya

The latest 1.5 release adds support for volumetric clouds directly into modern renderers such as Arnold (now owned by Autodesk) and Pixar’s RenderMan, both through OpenDVB. Users can now add and design cloud shapes using the mesh operations in Maya while continuously visualizing those same clouds directly in the Maya viewport—interactively and in high quality.

The export to OpenVDB enables the cloud to integrate seamlessly with the entire rendering scene, eliminating the need to do tpost-production compositing work for the final image. This workflow saves 3d artists valuable time they can spend on other tasks.

01 - Elementacular 1.5 running inside Autodesk Maya...supports rendering with Arnold and RenderMan.

01 – Elementacular 1.5 running inside Autodesk Maya…supports rendering with Arnold and RenderMan.

Other key features and support of various graphics cards are listed below:

Key Features

  • OpenVDB export
  • Support for all Maya versions 2014 – 2017 update 2
  • Support for all newest Nvidia graphics cards
  • Support for AMD graphics cards (more info here)
  • A new licensing system
  • Fixed several flickering issues seen when moving a cloud out of the cameras view space
  • Performance tweaks and bug fixes

Pricing and Availability

Elementacular 1.5 for Autodesk Maya is available now for Windows platforms and its license cost is $175.USD. For further info visit them on the web here.