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Next Limit Announces 10th Version of Acclaimed RealFlow Animation Software

The industry-standard animation software for fluid simulation has reached version 10 and now includes new pricing in addition to new technologies.


Next Limit of Madrid, Spain, are thrilled to release the 10th version of RealFlow, an industry-standard and out-of-the-box fluid simulation and body dynamics software application used extensively in broadcast and film industries for visual effects (VFX).

RealFlow 10 also comes with a new version for Cinema 4D as well, bringing real fluids to one of the popular 3D software packages.

New Technology, New Affordable Prices

The new RealFlow 10 is much faster, according to Next Limit, and features easier to use capabilities. A primary new feature in the introduction of the DYVERSO Multiphysics solver with a vastly enhanced GPU performance. HYBRIDO is also better in terms of speed and memory. In fact is up to two times faster and with a better memory footprint.

01 - A sample image output of RealFlow 10, the industry-standard in fluid simulations and dynamics software.

01 – A sample image output of RealFlow 10, the industry-standard in fluid simulations and dynamics software.

Next Limit says that hundreds of issues have been fixed in this latest release, improving the overall stability of the software and more enjoyable use.

Top Five Features

  • New DYVERSO Multiphysics solver — for rigid, elastic, and granular simulations.
  • Three new daemons — Particle Skinner Daemon, K Volume Object Mode, and Fallout Object Mode.
  • Highly Optimized DYVERSO architecture — redesigned to get the most out of modern GPUs and multicore CPUs.
  • Up to 2x faster HYBRIDO solver — with a better memory footprint to boot.
  • Workflow Enhancements — to Project Manager, the Export Panel, and “Pack and Go” and many more items.

RealFlow’s 10th anniversary edition is released with a brand-new product website. To get a quick overview of what is new in RealFlow 10, watch the Tech Reel here.

Pricing and Demo Info

RealFlow 10 is now available at lower, more affordable pricing through Next Limit’s webshop. The free demo version is available here. RealFlow 10 requires Apple Mac OS X 10.9 or higher, Windows 7 SP1 or higher, and 64-bit versions of Linux. A CUDA 3.0 based GPU is much desirable and systems supporting OpenCL 1.1. More details can be found here.

RealFlow 10 regular is $1,095.USD. One can also get RealFlow 10 for Cinema 4D at $795.USD. Floating and node-locked license options are available.