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Graebert Officially Ships ARES Commander 2017—DWG CAD for Mac, Windows and Linux

A big week for DWG CAD systems on the Mac, Graebert follows Autodesk and announces ARES Commander 2017 is now available, serving native DWG CAD to Mac, Windows, Linux and iOS and Android devices.


Germany’s Graebert has officially released the new ARES Commander 2017 DWG-native CAD system for Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Architosh published details of the new system first shown at Graebert’s Annual Meeting Event in Berlin, Germany earlier in the fall.

What’s New—Why It Matters

ARES Commander 2017 features a new “Trinity” dark user interface theme that unifies the ARES experience across desktop, mobile and cloud (web) based versions of the CAD software. Unlike any of its native-DWG CAD rivals, including Autodesk’s AutoCAD, Graebert’s ARES software operates with unique advantages across all three use-access platforms (desktop, mobile app and cloud), centered on user-interface, license management, and flexible access policies.

The Trinity user-interface provides an optional dark theme UI option in addition to the “light theme” user interface. Benefits of this include consistency and a fresh, modern look, as well as longer battery life with laptops computers.

0X - How much flexibility do CAD customers really want?  This picture says its all. When you can support not just Windows but native Mac, plus Linux, Apple iOS, plus Android, plus cloud through the web browser you pretty much have it covered.

01 – How much flexibility do CAD customers really want? This picture says its all. When you can support not just Windows but native Mac, plus Linux, Apple iOS, plus Android, plus cloud through the web browser you pretty much have it covered.

The new licensing management options provided by Graebert are best-in-class in terms of flexibility and management. Unlike rivals, Graebert offers the benefits of subscription licensing options while still offering the flexibility of perpetual licenses. A new Customer Portal enables management of licenses. Users can simply log out a license on one computer and log in on another computer. Users are allowed to log in their license on two computers simultaneously.

Other New Features

ARES Commander 2017 features Multifunctional grips that yield quick editing options. New contextual shortcut menus appear when the cursor flies over entity grips.

A host of new drafting features includes polyline editing tool improvements, relative angles in coordinate input and new trim and power trim in hatches and gradients features.

ARES Commander 2017 features a redesigned Print dialog box with dynamic print preview features. There is also advanced PDF to DWG conversion features. These support batch processing of PDF files to DWG as well as layer extraction to DWG and the ability to maintain LineStyle and LineWeight entities.

The ability to insert centerlines between two pairs of lines, concentric arcs or polyline segments is a new power feature. So too is pattern along any path, new split dimension line features and advanced block editing capabilities.

Learning More & Langauge Support

ARES Commander 2017 is available now and readers can learn more here, including pricing.

One key advantage that ARES Commander 2017 has on the Mac platform compared to some rivals is language support in 14 different locales. Those who may have read articles about Autodesk’s new AutoCAD 2017 for Mac earlier this week may have noted that the Mac version of AutoCAD is only available in English and French. ARES Commander supports Japanese to help serve the second largest CAD market in the world on Windows and Mac, as well as Germany, the third largest CAD market in the world. Other languages include Spanish, Russian, etc.


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