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Bluebeam Releases New Revu v2016.5.2

Bluebeam Revu 2016.5.2 updates doesn’t just squash bugs—new update supports new Microsoft Surface Studio all-in-one computer. This one will make Apple Mac users in the AEC industry jealous!


Nemetschek Group subsidiary, Bluebeam Inc., a leading developer of software solutions for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries, has announced the release of Bluebeam Revu 2016.5.2.

The new release empowers users by unlocking efficiencies and streamlining workflows on multiple devices but importantly for this release leveraging the new Microsoft Surface Studio computer with Surface Dial support.

Revu on Microsoft Surface Studio

The new Microsoft Surface Studio is a unique all-in-one computer created for the design industries and it consists of a large flat-screen display that folds or pivots down turning the touch-screen based all-in-one into a digital drafting table. The new Surface Dial can be placed on the screen to produce unique input workflows or off on another surface to achieve the same results.

01 - Bluebeam Revu update puts it on the new Microsoft Surface Studio, forming a natural relationship in reviewing drawings on a large screen digital device that lays down flat.

01 – Bluebeam Revu update puts it on the new Microsoft Surface Studio, forming a natural relationship in reviewing drawings on a large screen digital device that lays down flat.

This innovative control of display orientation, and the two-handed, on-screen, interface-assisted workflows it introduces, opens the door to targeted software development tailor-made for the AEC industry.

Revue 2016.5.2 now works with both devices. Place the Surface Dial on the screen to instantly access a radial menu of Revu tools on the page. Annotation appearance properties, undo/redo editing, the Tools Chest, Markup Lists, Layers, and Tab Acces can all be administered through intuitive scrolling. Bluebeam Revu and Surface Studio work together seamlessly, with the work of one hand informing the work of the other.

Watch the Microsoft Surface Studio with Bluebeam Revu in action in this video. 

“The power of collaboration extends beyond teams to the way leading hardware and innovative software work together to go beyond what was once possible,” says Richard Lee, Bluebeam president and CEO. “Working closely with Microsoft on this integrated solution allows Revu users to immediately improve productivity.” You can learn more here.

Other Bluebeam News—Global Expansion

Leveraging the global strength of its new parent company, Nemetschek Group, Bluebeam Inc. has expanded its software availability footprint. Back in late August the company announced that through a Korean software reseller and service company, Linetek System, the Windows version of Bluebeam Revu wold be made available in the robust Korean market in a local language version.

Meanwhile, the Mac version of Revu is now available in German and Swedish language versions with the release of Revu Mac 1.5. It is now on version 1.7 for Mac. The German-language version, in particular, is critical for it opens up Bluebeam Revu to 200 million German speakers in all of Europe.

You can learn more about Bluebeam software here.


[Editor’s note: We added the note about the current version of Revu for Mac at v.1.7. 2:33 pm, 15 Nov 16]

Reader Comments

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    November 15, 2016 02:10 pm EST

    Actually, Revu for Mac is on version 1.7, but it’s still a very poor cousin to the Windows version.

  3. Thanks for the note. We have updated the article.

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