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BIMobject App Now Available for Vectorworks 2017 Software

Robert Anderson, VP, of Vectorworks presents the new BIMobject App for Vectorworks.


In conjunction with the BIMobject LIVE Worldwide Business Conference, held in Malmo, Sweden, over the next two days, BIMobject AB and Vectorworks, Inc., have announced the availability of BIMobject App within Vectorworks 2017 software.
Within the app users have direct access to a growing library of manufacturer-specific content, which includes detailed geometric and product information, all coordinated and provided via global BIM content provider BIMobject. Current users of Vectorworks 2017 can gain access to the tool by downloading the Service Pack 1 update for Vectorworks 2017.
“The BIMobject App in Vectorworks 2017 is a major milestone in our continued mission to provide designers with access to building material and product specifications for building information models,” said Robert Anderson, vice president of integrated practice at Vectorworks. “We’re extremely proud to be releasing such a content-rich App, and we greatly appreciate the support of BIMobject in helping make this a reality.”

Conference Presentation—New BIMobject App

Robert Anderson, VP, of Vectorworks, Inc., will be showcasing the App at the two-day BIMobject LIVe Conference, which focuses on building information modeling, future technology and the power of digital products’ internet distribution. Anderson’s talk is titled “Vectorworks and BIMobject” at the conference and he will demo the new feature beneficial to Vectorworks 2017 users.
01 - BIMobject LIVe Worldwide Business Conference is happening today and tomorrow in Sweden. The company announced the new BIMobject App for Vectorworks 2017 today.

01 – BIMobject LIVe Worldwide Business Conference is happening today and tomorrow in Sweden. The company announced the new BIMobject App for Vectorworks 2017 today.

The new BIMobject App for Vectorworks is unique in that it manages and downloads not just Vectorworks-native content but also transparently converts DWG, SKP (SketchUp), and 3DS content in the BIMobject Cloud into information-rich Vectorworks content. This process is handled quietly in the background and the type of content the user is downloading does not change the user experience (UX).

4,600 Objects and 260 Brands

This new app gives Vectorworks users access to over 4,600 objects from over 260 brands, an unprecedented amount of new content for a newly-introduced app. For BIMobject, manufacturers gain access to the Vectorworks user base of up to 650,000 users worldwide.
BIMobject app stores all the non-graphical object using the IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) format, so data is held in a platform neutral format, non-proprietary to any vendor. This means that if a Vectorworks user creates a project using content from the BIMobject App, then exports using IFC, all manufacturer product information is preserved through the export.

“The fact that the BIMobject App for Vectorworks is pre-installed is really good, giving direct access of up to 650,000 potential designers for all our manufacturers and brands that are published in the BIMobject Cloud. It will be a great synergy with the Vectorworks application and make the BIMobject Cloud the preferred choice for downloading BIM objects and product information from the web,” said Johan Dyrssen, teamleader for Web Development at BIMobject.”

To learn more about Vectorworks go here. To learn more about BIMobject go here.


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