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AU 2016: Luxions Releases New Plugins for Autodesk Products

Leading real-time raytracing developer has released new KeyShot plugins for Autodesk Fusion 360, Revit 2017, 3ds Max 2017, and Maya 2017.


Luxion, the maker of KeyShot, has announced new and updated plugins that further integrate its award-winning real-time, raytracing and global illumination rendering technology into Autodesk’s line of leading applications for MCAD, AEC and M&E industries.

KeyShot for Revit is New

KeyShot for 3ds Max, Maya and Fusion are updates to existing plugins, while KeyShot for Revit is a new plugin offering. Luxion is all about speed and has been providing 3D professionals with the fastest real-time rendering technology the widest array of 3D modeling software in the industry. The company has a long history of support of many Autodesk software applications.

Each KeyShot plugin for Autodesk products enables the user to install a small application that adds the ability to load the model directly into KeyShot, begin adding materials and lighting and watch each iteration update in real-time. Secondly, the user can continue refining the model back in the host program (Autodesk software) while sending updates back to KeyShot.

01 - Luxion releases new and updated KeyShot plugins for Autodesk flagship MCAD/AEC/M&E products.

01 – Luxion releases new and updated KeyShot plugins for Autodesk flagship MCAD/AEC/M&E products.

Additionally, users may export KeyShot (.bip) files without the need to have KeyShot installed. The following key features are included in the new KeyShot for Revit plugin:

  • Revit 2015 – 2017 Support
  • LiveLinking — model update technology
  • Maintain family structure
  • Support for camera export
  • Support for export of RPC placeholder objects
  • Support for matching of Revit compass

Similar if not more complete features are standard for the other Autodesk products. 3ds Max for example has support for part and camera animations, as does Maya, while Fusion 360 includes  maintain assembly structure features, etc.

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