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OrthoGraph I introduced for both iOS and Android—building survey app offers free mode

All new OrthoGraph I application for iOS and Android aims to enable users to create complete building survey plans faster than ever, saving time on site and reducing errors associated with paper and pencil methods.


OrthoGraph of Hungary has introduced the all new OrthoGraph I mobile application system for creating professional building surveys on both Apple iOS and Google Android touch devices.

Unique Technology Completely Rewritten

OrthoGraph’s proprietary measuring (survey) engine has been completely rewritten, says the company, meaning this next evolution of OrthoGraph technology offers even faster performance and new features.

Rooms can now be easily merged together even if they were sketched and measured independently; simply position the two rooms side-by-side and they will automatically snap together into their proper position.

Free Core Technology

OrthoGraph I’s core measurement functionality is free. This means you can sketch rooms, make measurements, furnish your floor plans, and even preview the plans in 3D.

01 - The Leica Disto D2 pairs ideally with the new OrthoGraph I app on iOS and Android.

01 – The Leica Disto D2 pairs ideally with the new OrthoGraph I app on iOS and Android.

In the new version from now on users only pay for the work results—project saving, on-site reports, and 3D Walk-Throughs. Users can choose a weekly ticket or subscribe to a monthly or annual plan.

Perfect Partner for Leica DISTO D2

OrthoGraph I pairs ideally with the Leica DISTO D2 laser measuring device. This device is small, of high performance, and offers a flip-out end piece.  The Disto D2 enables the user to measure corners and diagonals with speed and a very high degree of accuracy.

How It All Works in Summary

Fire up the OrthoGraph I app on your mobile device, sync it with the Leica Disto D2 and feed measurements seamless into the application. OrthoGraph I works on both smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android OSs.

The user draws and sets walls and openings with simple touch gestures. Measuring walls and diagonals as you go—with or without a paired laser measuring device—an accurate plan comes together rather expeditiously on the application’s main interface.

Once floor plans are complete—which is ideal for existing conditions measurements for architects, engineers and many other types of professionals including real estate professionals—the app allows exportation of results to numerous CAD and BIM formats, including IFC, DXF and also Adobe PDF.

Learning More

To learn more visit OrthoGraph here on line. An upcoming webinar in November will offer a detailed “hands on” explanation of OrthoGraph I’s use and main features.