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Graebert Annual Meeting Preview—CorelCAD, ARES, Cloud and More…

Architosh preps for Graebert’s big Annual Meeting in Berlin next week. Here is what is hot on the agenda for conference discussions and new knowledge.


German CAD technology company Graebert is hosting their big Annual Meeting event next week in Berlin and Architosh will again be there among other leading CAD journalists and analysts to report on the event’s announcements and developments.

The developer of the leading native DWG competitor to Autodesk’s AutoCAD, Graebert’s technology plays a starring role behind Dassault Systemes’s DraftSight and VC darling, Cambridge-based OnShape. We expect to hear big announcements from these and other companies that employ and utilize Graebert’s ARES Commander CAD engine which is actually a complete, full-featured 2/3D CAD program developed to run natively across all three desktop platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Of Cloud and Corel

The big news that we are interested to hear about at this year’s event is the company’s progress on ARES Kudo, their full cloud-based ARES CAD offering. Designed to be more than a second-class sibling to their desktop and mobile offerings, ARES Kudo is shaping up to be remarkably robust in its own right. We hope to have some influence on how this cloud platform gets offered to the world, in markets like AEC in particular where “anywhere, any device” access is increasingly important.

01 - ARES Kudo. A screen shot showing progress build on native DWG 2/3D CAD program in the cloud.

01 – ARES Kudo. A screen shot showing progress build on native DWG 2/3D CAD program in the cloud.

ARES Kudo has been in development for a few years but 2017 should see its first commercial availability, at some point in the calendar year. We expect the dates to be revealed at this year’s Annual Meeting.

We also hope to hear from Corel of Canada and the progress on their CorelCAD offering, an OEM build on ARES Commander available now on the Android platform in addition to Windows and Mac. Corel spoke to Architosh last year revealing interesting insights about what types of companies and users have been a part of the take-up with CorelCAD.

Japan and Apple’ iOS Platform

We also expect to learn more about the release of ARES Mobile for Apple’s iOS. In the two years since Architosh’s first attendance at the CAD conference, the Graebert folks have learned from several very big customers in Japan that Apple’s iOS platform was where they were putting their investments. We will try to follow-up on those specific stories as they relate to Japan as a market and Apple’s iOS in enterprise level Japan.

Graebert’s Annual Meeting begins next Wednesday in Berlin, 12 October 2016.