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Mac 3D News: Andersson Technologies updates SynthEyes 1608

Leading camera tracking match-moving software used in film and broadcast industries gets many updates including animated scene illumination and more in latest 1608 updates.


Andersson Technologies LLC, has released SynthEyes 1608, the latest version of its 3D tracking software for Mac, Windows and Linux users in film, broadcast and other 3D industries. The latest update extends its feature set to include new VR, Geometry Hierarchy and numerous other updates.

SynthEyes 1608 Updates

SynthEyes 1608 includes new features to better handle 360-degree film footage and geometry hierarchy tracking. New illumination tracking helps match light to difficult shots where light sources are introduced and are sudden in scenes and then vanish or stay around, like in explosions or scenes lit by strobes. This new feature records the illumination on individual trackers over the course of a shot.

Key features in SynthEyes 1608 include improvements with FBX file format interoperability. With FBX import you can use the File > Import > Filmbox Scene Import for a scene with cameras, meshes, nulls, and entire rigs. You can also select just to import the mesh with FBX as the file type. FBX export includes the entire deforming rigs.

01 - Andersson Technologies LLC has updated SynthEyes to version 1608 with many new features.

01 – Andersson Technologies LLC has updated SynthEyes to version 1608 with many new features, including VR, FBX improvements and illumination tracking features.

Other key features include:

  • Animated illumination measurement for trackers (including planar trackers) with storage on trackers, meshes, and lights to assist handling shots with rapidly varying lighting. New “Set Illumination from Trackers” script. Export via FBX or export “illumination data as plain text” script. See “Light Tracking” in the manual.
  • New Number Zone and glitch-fixing features in the Graph Editor.
  • SynthEyes now saves and restores non-scene settings and window placements (for single- and multiple-monitor configurations). Views adjust better to changing windows sizes. New related preferences. See “Preserving Placements and Settings” in the manual.
  • New GeoH “Make Selected the Root” and “Split Bone” scripts.
  • 360VR: The perspective view now displays directly on a spherical screen, instead of the linear one. So no need to run the 360VR sphere generation script for this reason (still good for export).
  • 360VR stabilization export and plugin for After Effects, so stabilization can be applied within After Effects with no SynthEyes render. (Separate download from Customer-Only area)
  • New Save Map Sequence script to save animated distortion/stabilization maps, for use in downstream compositing apps, notably export of 360VR stabilization.
  • Demo version can now run the 360VR scripts for testing.
  • Around 100 other changes.

For more information about SynthEyes software you can visit them here.

Pricing and Availability

SynthEyes 1608 is available now for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. New licences cost from $299 to $699, depending on whether you buy the Intro or Pro edition of the software, and for which platforms.