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Grasshopper-ArchiCAD Workflow Competition Winners Announced

Graphisoft, the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) software maker for architects and designers has announced the winners of its Grasshopper-ArchiCAD Workflow Competition.


Graphisoft’s official competition, “Algorithmic Design Meets BIM”, has inspired outstanding designs from around the world, reports the company. The first competition of its kind, competition participants were invited to submit their work developed with the combination of Rhino-Grasshopper-ArchiCAD tools and their relevant extensions.

Overwhelming Industry Response

The industry’s response to this competition was overwhelming, reports the Budapest-based software company. The interest in algorithmic design and its linkage to BIM via ArchiCAD was expressed not just in the competition and its quality of entrants but in the input from users around the world that helped Graphisoft produce a strong solution linking Grasshopper and Rhino to ArchiCAD.

01 - Graphisoft holds its first competition for algorithmic design and BIM.

01 – Graphisoft holds its first competition for algorithmic design and BIM. First place went to the individuals listed above. Copyright, Milosz Wojciech and Vigorish Kaushik.

Curious to learn more about how users wanted to apply this linkage of applications in their everyday activities, Graphisoft invited uses to this global competition. Entrants were judged according to three main criteria:

  • Practicality — how the solution increases efficiency in the design workflow
  • Inventiveness — originality in the use of the toolset
  • BIM Integration — the level of BIM methodology achieved

The jury was made up of Graphisoft’s Grasshopper-ArchiCAD Live Connection team. Competitors entered for a chance to win a 9.7 inch Apple iPad Pro. In addition, eleven runner-up winners were awarded a BIMx PRO license.

Winners Announced

First prize winners of an iPad Pro:

Milosz Wojciech (Poland) – ’BRIDGE BUILDING’

Vignesh Kaushik (Singapore) – ’AUDITORIUM’

Runner-up winners of BIMx PRO license:

Abdul Rahman Sibahi (USA) – ’MEMORIAL BUILDING’

Réka Sárközi (Hungary) – ’OFFICE BUILDING’

Arturo Tedeschi (Italy) –  ’BUILDING FACADE’

Balázs Orlovits (Hungary) – ’REACTIVE BUILDING’

Costin Leonte (Romania) – ’FACULTY EXTENSION’

Tibor Pálóczy (Hungary) – ’FACADE STUDY’

Michael Hammerschick (Austria) – ’COURTYARD EXTENSION’

Roman Buha (USA) – ’MONA LISA’

Epp Jääger (Singapore) – ’CHICAGO TOWERS’

Kristóf Tihanyi (Hungary) – ’PERLIN FAÇADE’

Andrew Potter (USA) – ‘URBAN CAPACITY’

“I’m so proud that my design was recognized by GRAPHISOFT,” said Milosz Wojciech of Poland, who was awarded an iPad Pro for his submission, entitled ‘Bridge Building.’  “The Grasshopper-ARCHICAD Live Connection tool is awesome, and I can’t wait to incorporate it into more of my designs.”

Viewing the Winners

Please visit the Algorithmic Design Meets BIM Competition page to see the first prize and runner-up winners.  Visit the Grasshopper-ARCHICAD Live Connection page for information about this powerful algorithmic design tool.

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  3. @GuardianSustBiz Grasshopper-ArchiCAD Workflow Competition Winners Announced | Architosh

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