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Thornton Tomasetti Launches Software Development Firm

In an industry first, global AEC engineering firm Thornton Tomasetti has spun out its R&D groups, including CORE studio, to form a privately-held software engineering firm advancing leading edge solutions for both the main company and the industry at large.


Global AE firm Thornton Tomasetti has launched a privately held software development firm aimed at commercializing innovative technologies the firm has developed and utilized for in-house purposes. The new company is the first of its kind in the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry.

Launch of TTWiiN – Six Initial Products

The name TTWiiN is a play on the name “Thornton Tomasetti Weidlinger Innovation accelerator.” TTWiiN was a key strategic initiative sparked by the merger of Thornton Tomasetti and Weidlinger Associates in September 2015.

TTWiiN will initially feature a collection of six products in various stages of development that come from legacy projects at Weidlinger Applied Science, Thornton Tomasetti CORE studio and other R&D efforts across the firm.

01 - TTWiiN is a new software firm spun out of Thornton Tomasetti's R&D group CORE Studio.

01 – TTWiiN is a new software firm spun out of Thornton Tomasetti’s R&D group CORE Studio.

Each year, TTWiiN will select additional products from the firm’s CORE studio and R&D program, its technology incubator. To be considered for migration over to TTWiiN, they need to be products or tools that will benefit from development outside of Thornton Tomasetti and have special investment or organizational needs.

The six initial products are:

  • PZFlex — a finite element simulation software package for the design and development of piezoelectric and ultrasonic devices, such as medical imaging transducers.
  • WAimat Suite — a trio of interrelated software tools that facilitate advanced material modeling, bringing a new functionality to the most widely used finite-element programs
  • Pumpkin Mounts — new shock-and-vibration insolation mount technology with applications in the defense, industrial, and transportation sectors.
  • Spectales Suites — includes a web application that allows users to easily view and share 3D and building information models on the web and a collaborative virtual reality platform.
  • Vibration Solutions — a suite of products that mitigate structural vibrations for tall buildings, long-span structures and bridges.
  • Fuel-Injection Technology — an early-stage, state-of-the-art fuel injector accuracy technology that allows precise control of fuel in the system during each cycle, resulting in improved efficiency and power.

The new company is overseen by a board of managers, elected by company shareholders. Additionally, an AEC technology advisory firm will assist with the initial start-up phase.

“TTWiiN gives us a platform to drive innovation in our industry and beyonds.” says Thomas Z. Scarangello, P.E., Chairman and CEO, Thornton Tomasetti, “We are taking technologies that are developed in our CORE R&D incubator and tested in real-world scenarios, then providing the necessary support and leadership to accelerate them to the next level.”

To learn more about TTWiiN go to there dedicated website here:

To learn more about Thornton Tomasetti visit them online here.

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  2. Thornton Tomasetti Launches Software Development Firm via @architosh

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