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Twinmotion developer KA-RA has joined the Abvent Group

Twin motion developer joins France’s Abvent SA, the developers of the famed Artlantis series of rendering products for the AEC industry. The R&D teams and marketing teams will be integrated to drive synergies and prepare for future directions in the market.


Abvent S.A. has announced that KA-RA, the Strasbourg-based developer of Twinmotion, has joined the Abvent Group. Abvent is known worldwide for its 3D program Artlantis.

Twinmotion is an award-winning visualization and 3D immersion software that allows architects and designers to instantly create digital models of their 3D projects, adding life-like effects in real-time.

Merging R&D and Architectural Talents

Founded by Raphael Pierrat and Laurent Vidal in 2004, KA-RA began developing Twinmotion in 2014. In this very short period of time, the company built a significant fan base of customers, including such great architectural names as Zaha Hadid, Renzo Piano, Jean Nouvel, and Chaix & Morel.

Abvent took over global distribution and marketing of Twinmotion in 2015, which led to the recent merger of the two companies. Inspired by the desire to develop new presentation tools for architects and designers, the two companies are pooling the radical technological innovations offered by their products: Artlantis and Twinmotion.

01 - Twinmotion's developer has become apart of the Abvent Group with merger. Synergies between Artlantis and Twinmotion R&D teams will lead to interesting directions for both products and company offerings.

01 – Twinmotion’s developer has become apart of the Abvent Group with merger. Synergies between Artlantis and Twinmotion R&D teams will lead to interesting directions for both products and company offerings.

The Abvent Group will fuse the marketing and R&D teams of Artlantis and Twinmotion going forward, to better meet the challenges ahead with this newly established industrial and technical capacity.

To learn more about Twinmotion go here. To learn more about Abvent go here.

Architosh Analysis

This maybe very good news for Artlantis customers on the Mac platform, of which there are many in the European Union markets and elsewhere. Simply put, a synergy and interaction between Artlantis and Twinmotion—and this can go in many great directions—would want to serve all of  the vast base of Artlantis customers out there globally. In my talks with the Twinmotion folks at AIA National in 2015, request for a Mac version is already the number one request to the company. So the demand is there.

Twinmotion’s capabilities are really quite stunning. The product represents the manufacturing market visualization equivalent of tools like KeyShot and others that aim to dramatically and radically simplify the creation of compelling 3D visualizations. In today’s market place, architects are pressed on the time front even more than before, so their ability to create compelling 3D visualizations, particularly in-house, means the tools need to adapt to become radically simpler. This trend in the market has been showing its face for some time. For instance, the Graphisoft folks added a series of simplified and preconfigured rendering settings in ArchiCAD in recent versions. So have many other competitors. This trend itself is a segment under a larger trend of more intensely focused software packages in the AEC market.

About Abvent

Since 1985, the Abvent Group has offered innovative image and design solutions for CAD/BIM professionals in the fields of architecture, design, and photography.  Abvent’s cutting edge approach to digital imagery has resulted in products and services that are innovative, powerful, and easy-to-use.  Abvent develops Artlantis, a family of stand-alone 3D rendering applications developed especially for architects and designers; iVisit360 for Panoramas, iVisit360 VR Objects and animations; and Render[in], a powerful, fully-integrated rendering engine developed for SketchUp. Abvent is the worldwide distributor of Twinmotion, a visualization and 3D immersion software developed for architects, designers, and engineers.

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  1. @Twinmotion developer #KA-RA has joined the @Abvent Group via @architosh

  2. @Twinmotion developer #KA-RA has joined the @Abvent Group via @architosh

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