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NAB: Nvidia Iray and Cinema 4D for Architecture—Live Event

This year at NAB the Nvidia Iray plugin for Cinema 4D is being showcased at the Maxon booth…a live presentation is available to view as well.

At the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show this year (2016) in Las Vegas, the Cinema 4D folks from Maxon have been live casting their booth presentations throughout the show.

On Thursday, 21 April 2016, Robert Whiting will be leading a presentation titled, “Nvidia Iray and C4D for Architecture.” For architectural visualization pros using Cinema 4D this will be an interesting session to check out and watch.

This news came to us via the folks at Nick Cambell, the creator of Greyscalegorilla, is typically one of the more exciting presenters at Maxon’s events.

Other Greyscalegorilla and Cinema 4D News

The latest blog news at Greyscalegorilla includes a really nice interview of Mario Tran Phuc, who has done some stunning visual work using X-Particles. A fun tutorial that is new is located below in this vimeo and just one of many such tutorials at the popular site.

Another interesting post is about what renderer is best for what in Cinema 4D—Arnold, Octane or Physical? You can read and watch and learn about all that here.

Finally, for C4D users who are knew to this company, they make a wonderful series of products, now numbering 9 products in total. One of the more interesting ones is called City Kit, which is used to make instant cities in Cinema 4D. Another product is called Signal for procedural animation work and for animating any parameter in C4D, and then there is the HDRI Collection which some may find quest useful.

To learn more visit them here. 

Architosh Commentary

Sadly, the Nvidia Iray plugin for Cinema 4D is only available for Windows. There is a 90-day trial version of this plugin available here with the vMaterial download so users can try this physical renderer with various softwares. Last summer at SIGGRAPH 2015, associate editor Akiko Ashley found the new iRay technology a big hit at the show for Nvidia, but sadly the news of no Mac version was another unfortunate sign that the Mac was losing ground on in the professional 3D market it had worked hard in the preceding years to gain.

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