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Abvent launches Render[in] 3 plugin for SketchUp

The developer of famed Artlantis Studio and Render have now launched a public beta of Render[in] for SketchUp. The rendering software plugin works entirely within SketchUp.


Abvent SA, of France, has launched a public-beta of the new Render[in] 3 for SketchUp, a fully-integrated, real-time physical radiosity engine for the popular 3D modeling application. The plugin works in both SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Make applications across both Windows and Mac platforms.

Render[in] 3D Public Beta

Powered by the Artlantis 6 rendering engine, Render[in] 3 gives users the highly regarded rendering power of the company’s main dedicated rendering suite product to the SketchUp user looking for a simplified rendering workflow.

Render[in] 3 uses the same settings in SketchUp, so learning how to utilize the powerful rendering engine is easy and fast. Render[in] 3 brings 3D SketchUp models to life by adding 3D skies, four types of clouds and modifiable lighting resources.

01 - An example rendering from the public beta of Abvent's Render[in] 3.

01 – An example rendering from the public beta of Abvent’s Render[in] 3.

Render[in] 3 also offers added texture resources for materials, like specular reflection.

Users are invited to download the latest public beta of Render[in] 3 for SketchUp during the public beta period, which runs through the end of February. To learn more and download the plugin visit here:

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