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Mac 3D News: Strata’s Winter Release Offers 800% Render Speed Up

Strata’s latest release of Strata Design 3D CX 8.1 features more than attractive winter pricing, the market stalwart in 3D software features Intel’s latest kit for high speed raytracing plus beneficial new pro modeling features for product and industrial designers.


Strata this winter released a new 2015-2016 Winter Release for Strata Design 3D CX 8.1, which now includes the Embree based raycasting engine, improving rendering speeds up to 800 percent. The new release boasts many new features in addition to the new rendering engine option.

Embree Engine Developed by Intel

The Embree raycasting technology has been developed by chipmaker Intel, which leverages optimization at the silicon level with highly streamlined raycasting. In addition to speed, the Intel-based Embree technology helps make several new features possible, including but not limited, such features is improved displacement mapping for subdivision (SubD) surface objects.

Also new is the Stage Model feature which makes it easy to place models into professionally created templates. The Stage Model command allows the user to select their model, choose and pick from nearly 30 templates, including: dark and white studio settings, store shelving settings, outdoor settings, warehouse and hanger type settings, courtyards and more.

01 - Strata's new Winter release features more than just the Intel Embree technology for sped up render times, the new State Model commands offer pro-grade model environments ready to go. (image: Strata. All rights reserved.)

01 – Strata’s new Winter release features more than just the Intel Embree technology for sped up render times, the new State Model commands offer pro-grade model environments ready to go. (image: Strata. All rights reserved.)

This feature greatly speeds up designer’s time to iteration, as once models are placed inside an pre-setup environment, models are essentially ready to go into final render scenes.

Time To Upgrade or Option

“I have to confess that I’m extremely excited about the release of version 8.1,” said Ken Bringhurst, Strata’s President. “We recently conducted a survey where we heard loud and clear the need for the features we’re releasing today. Our customers will be thrilled with this new release.”

Strata is encouraging customers who haven’t upgraded in a couple of years to take advantage of this latest offering. Those who are possibly brand new to Strata should test drive it as an option, says the company as there are many excellent features that stack up well against the competition.

“The most noticeable thing about this upgrade can be summed up in one word—speed,” raved Chris Hartley, a highly successful designer and long-time Strata user. “From start to finish the new features make precise modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering just so fast.”

HDR Lighting Studio lets users put the light right where they need it, while LiveRay shows the user in near instant updates what the model looks like, interactively, in real time. Global lights can now have completely controllable soft shadows, as well. A new gamma control allows users to start a render then tweak the gamma settings for optimal color and contrast, live and in real time.

Price and Availability

The Winter 2015-2016 Release Upgrade for CX 8.1 is just $59.95.USD per seat. A standard license for Strata Design 3D CX Mac is $595.USD, with 5-seat studio licenses starting at $2,528.75.USD. Subscription costs $69.90.USD initial payment and then $19.95 per month.

To learn more visit here.

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